I C E : Beauty in so many appearances photos by anne getzieh

Frozen beach
First frost in the garden.
Small iceberg rest and a melting glacier.
Athabasca Glacier
Withered gras with hoarfrost.
Athabasca Glacier, Canada BC,
The Salmon Glacier, near Hyder, Alaska
Digital work with ice.

The biggest glacier in Europe is located in Iceland : the Vatnajökull.

The Glacier calves into a lagoon called Jökulsárlón. From there the icebergs are drifting into the Norwegian Sea.

Iceland - the name bespeaks what can be seen there.

Greenland ist not really green. Ice - Above all it`s blue - in particular because of the different colors of the numerous appearances of ice.

Glaciers are the biggest Freshwater reservoirs of the earth.
Drifting icebergs coming out of the Kangia Icefjord.


All rights on all photos are by Annelie Getzieh

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