Why do Indigenous Australians hunt and fish for their food????? by Ibuki Sainsbery room 13 4bass.

Micro questions: Why do they hunt? For their survival, If they are hungry, for their sport, and so they don't starve to death and they hunt the same way as their ancestors did.

Why do they hunt for meat when there's fish in water holes? Because it depends where they live if they live in a dry land like Uluru then they would hunt for food but if they live in wetlands then they would hunt fish.

How are they so smart and do all these skills? because they learn the same way as their ancestors did they drawn dream time stories that taught them to generaion to generion by painting their stories. And they use the land to learn more skills.

My main question:? Why do they hunt and fish for their food? Depends what they have in their territory such as plants or fiber or wood even water or animals. If they have animals then they would hunt animals but if they have fish then they would eat fish. And they would eat the same food that their ancestors ate.

One more Micro question:? What type of tools did they use? They used messege sticks to talk to other tribes and they used dingos to help them hunt and they used shield for bashing and blocking.

That's your questions answered. By Ibuki Sainsbery room 13 4 BASS. I got my facts from the book called hunting and fishing and a website called www.HISTORY.COM. And I learned from Maramindi and Mrs Box and from my dad and from the TV. And from the Victoria Museum.


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