Rekindled Love A short story

On a hot summer's evening, a group of friends met at the water's edge to cool off and enjoy time together. This reunion had been a long time coming. It had been years since they had actually seen each other. Of course they had chatted on social media, but they were always rushed to text or hangout, so the planned uninterrupted face-to-face time was a welcome respite.

Two of the friends, Lucy and Harry, once had a relationship, but that had been cut short when they each left the area for their careers. This reunion was rekindling her warm feelings for him. As she watched his body in the firelight, her body began to burn with desire, but his interest in her seemed icy cold.

The group concluded their cookout of the normal beach fair - hot dogs, hamburgers, and adult beverages. At one point, several of the friends had been in a band together. They broke out the bongos and guitar and started serenading the group. Any tensions among the members eased as the night progressed.

Lucy and Harry decided to take a walk. As they walked down the beach talking, it seemed a spark was reforming between them . They moved closer to each other, and his heart began to melt as he gazed into her eyes. She was his flame of passion.

Their lips touched and they knew that their love was special. They would always be together. As fire and ice mixed, their spirits became one. Their steamy romance was eternal.

Created By
Lori Lind


Beach photo from unsplashed. Kimson Doann - mod. by me.

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