FoleyCare Shane, Austin, Matt, and Brandon

At FoleyCare we want to raise a excellent amount of money to help the homeless population with disability for example, people who are handicapped or homeless people with special needs.

More than 40% of Americas homeless population are people with disabilities and the number of appears to be rising. 1-5 people in america have a disability. in 2008 42.8% of all adults using homeless shelters had a disability.

The problem that FoleyCare faces is that 40% homeless Americans are suffering from mental and physical disabilities and we are going to raise money to help them solve their disabilities.

This issue is important to us at FoleyCare because we believe that the homeless people who have disabilities shouldn't have to get help on their own, which is why we are raising money to get them the help they need.

FoleyCares plan to help solve the homeless people with disabilities is to set up fund raisers to help raise money, we are also making charity events and a go fund me page. With the money we raised we are going to buy therapy for the people who need it.

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