Island Of Thieves By: Josh lacey

The overall location is New York and Peru. I imagine it as crowded and busy cities, in both New York and Peru.
The locations are Tom's house, Uncle Harvey's apartment, and Otto's Penthouse. Tom's house and Uncle Harvey's house are New York, while Otto's mansion is in the downtown of Peru.
It takes place in the modern era, which is today's era. I imagine it to be a modern setting with skyscrapers and apartments everywhere.
There is water near the setting in Peru and flat land. The weather is warm in both settings and sunny too. It makes me feel like another day in summer vacation.
It is crowded, because both are large modern cities. There are criminals including Otto, and rich people that have lots of money. I imagine it as Dubai were there are lots of tall buildings and rich people.
Phones, cars, guns, buildings, airports, and planes are some of the things that "time stamp" this book. These objects are used because Uncle Harvey and Tom fly on a plane to get to Peru, and also Otto is rich so he has lots of these things.
It has a calm and mysterious mood. It is mysterious because Tom doesn't know anything about Otto, and once they get to Peru, they have to meet with Otto. It's also mysterious because Tom never been to Peru, and he has to search for treasure there.
The setting affect the story because it adds a more interesting feel because it's a foreign country that I never been or Tom. It adds because in Peru, they don't go after the big criminals so that's why Otto wasn't caught, because he can just pay off everyone.


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