The Respiratory System BY:Samantha Cooper

Respiratory System Parts

Trachea- The Trachea (windpipe) is right above your lungs, Trachea lets air go to the bronchi it also hold your windpipe open during breatheing, the protection for your trachea is

Bronchi-your bronchi is in your lungs, the little tubes let air in and out of your lungs so you can breathe,

Lungs and Aveoli -your lungs are in your chest, they help you breathe, talk, shout, sing, cry, laugh, and more, your lungs work with your brain.The protection for your lungs is your ribs you have 12 ribs and smoking will do damage to your lungs. If you stretched all your Aveolis out it would cover a whole tennis court.

Diaphragm-Diaphragm (mussel) are beneath your lungs.Your diaphragm lets you Inhale and outhale, they look like dome shaped ,and they are the things that cause you to hiccup.

Pharynx and Larynx-Your Pharynx and larynx are above your trachea. The pharynx receives food from your throats and helps bring it to your stomach. Your larynx works with your lungs so you can whisper, talk, sing, and yell. You can protect your larynx and pharynx by drinking lots of water and by using a humidifier in your home and by not drinking stuff that contains caffeine or alcohol.

Oral cavity-Your oral cavity is your teeth, gums, the floor of your mouth, and the first two thirds of your tounge. The oral cavity helps make spit to swallow food.

Nasil cavity-The nasil cavity is your sinisues which is in your nose. The nasil cavity blocks dirt and sand from going into your lungs withe the air you breathe.

Fun facts-The pharynx is also called the throat. The larynx is also called the voice box. The larynx is a 2 inch lung tube shaped organ. Boy usually not always have longer larynx that girls.

Things that can go wrong the respitory system or get sick from




Chronic obstructive pulmonary desiese (copd)

Sleep apnea

Savine flu



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