The Harn Elizabeth Murray

Medium of the Rock

This untitled sculpture art piece seems to be a colorful interpretation of everyday rocks. Seeing this in a photo makes it seem almost like paper machete due to the crinkles and intentional waves in the art. Seeing it in person allows the viewer to see the shiny and sturdy looking surface of the rock. This allowed me to appreciate the art more because it made me realize how difficult it must have been for the artist to create this. I find the jewel tone coloring of the sculpture to be most striking. It somewhat reminds me of the tone of trash because of how tone downed and used the colors seem to be, which communicates to me that the piece could be a reflection of trash and be speaking upon the environmental damage humans inflict upon the earth. The artwork made me feel somewhat calmed because of the toned down colors, as well as confused because the art piece wasn't very clear; especially because the title was unknown.

Design of the Museum

My favorite part of the museum where I felt the design was most flattering was upon entering the art corridor. It is a big open room with various abstract sculptures and a large prism cutout in the ceiling. I liked this set up because it prepares the people coming in by setting up the museum easy to access and choose the desired featured art. My favorite part was the giant cut out in the ceiling because it made me curious of its purpose. I also enjoyed the emptiness of the room because it gives the art more attention to easily be received. The art i arranged without any order in this section and I enjoy its lack of uniform set up. This exhibit makes me feel excited for the art I'm about to see and experience.

Art and Core Values

This artwork made me think of cultural traditions, which then provoked me to consider some of my own cultural values. My culture is one of my main core values because it has shaped me into the person I am today and is constantly surrounding me. This artwork instills a feeling of happiness because of the dancers lighthearted body movements seeming to float on the canvas in addition to the audience in the background looking on with smiles and silent cheers. This helps me understand my cultural values more by making me aware of other people's different cultures. It made me realize to relish in the difference of cultures and celebrate my own cultural traditions and beliefs.

Art and the Good Life

This artwork describes a Good Life theme of isolation and self introspection. Before seeing the art piece I was aware of Frida Kahlo's troubled past filled with chronic pain and an unfaithful husband. Often Kahlo found herself in isolation, and I think the blank stare and the singularity of Kahlo in the picture exemplifies her isolation as she herself had to find her good life amongst all of her tribulations. Also, her individuality is seen here with her iconic unibrow which she made her own trademark. This art shows that a person holds the key to a good life in their own heads, and it depends on one person to be positive and be willing to find their own good life.

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