A HOUSE DIVIDED coming June 2017

Families always have secrets, and secrets have the power to heal--or hurt. A HOUSE DIVIDED--is a complicated family drama about a young journalist's quest for truth that takes her back to her Southern roots in New Orleans.

Journalist Zoie Crawford had to leave New Orleans to finally make her own life. Her grandmother, Claudia, inspired her to follow her dreams--just as her mother, Rose, held on too tight. But with Claudia's passing, Zoie reluctantly returns home, where the past is written in the lonely corners of the bayou and the New South's supercharged corridors of power. And there she discovers a stunning, painstakingly kept secret--one that could skyrocket her career, but destroy another woman's--and change both their vastly different lives, for better or for much worse.

Created By
Donna Hill

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