The Fault In Our Stars Book Review By sarah, mms

Have you ever wanted to be normal? Have you ever wanted to find someone who likes you for you? In The Fault In Our Stars,by John Green Hazel, a girl who was granted another year of life,wanted to find someone who understands her pain and sadness.But she has cancer and no one understands her pain.So her mom wanted her to go to a cancer support group an she meet’s Augustus who is a leg cancer survivor and they hit it of. Then Hazel wanted to go to Amsterdam and Augustus wastes his one wish on her to see her favorite author.

I think that the best part of this book is when Augustus and Hazel go out on a date in Amsterdam.When they get to Amsterdam Hazel and Augustus go out with each other. Hazel feels like she’s the only girl in the world. The date blossoms Augustus and Hazel’s relationship from friendship to something more. When I read this my heart fell on the floor.

It teaches you to live in the now and don’t look back. A great example of this is is when her doctors say no to her to go to Amsterdam because of medical problems and her main doctor says “go for it”.

I choose this book because of the great cover and interesting summary.As soon as i opened the book I was sucked into the world of Hazel and Augustus’s love story.One time i stayed up till 5:00 reading this book!

In conclusion I would recommend this book to the people who like characters that you can relate to, things that make you think about this book for days,love stories,or teen drama.You will love The Fault In Our Stars!


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