TYPES OF ECOSYSTEMS Quinto de Primaria

What is an ecosystem?

An ecosystem is a group of communities that are both, living things (biological community) and non- living things (physical environment).

There are 2 types of ecosystems:

TERRESTRIAL ECOSYSTEMS: the terrestrial ecosystems are found in land and the most common animals are wild.

For example:

The forest. In the forest we can find trees, and sometimes mountains. We can also find animals like: bears, foxes, snails, snakes...

The desert. In the desert, it is very hot, there aren't trees but we can find cactus. The most common animals are: camels, snakes, scorpions... Something special that we can say about the desert is that it is very cold during the night

AQUATIC ECOSYSTEMS: the aquatic ecosystems are found in the water.

For example:

Ocean. In the ocean we can find algae and big animals like: dolphins, big fish, whales, starfish, sharks...

River. In the river we can find: small algae and little fish.

Laura Bujosa, Valeria Gómez, Diego Enrih, Rodrigo Ruiz.

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