Medieval Eroupe Chapter 19 Lesson 1

Medieval Eroupe was made up of a lot of Germanic kingdoms. The Franks were the strongest Germanic group. Their king, Clovis, became the first Germanic ruler to accept Catholic religion. After Clovis died, the Frankish kings lost most of their power.

A Frankish King

After Clovis died Charles Martel became the mayor of the palace which basically replaced the kings. The pope gave Martel his support and they worked together to help spread Christianity. Martel's first move was to stop Islam in Eroupe. He defeated the Muslims in France and the Muslim religion left France and all of Eroupe.

A Pope

After Martel died, his son Pepin became mayor of the palace. He forced a Germanic group called the Lombards out of Rome. After Pepin died, his son, Charles became king of the Franks. He nearly doubled the size of his kingdom. He won the name Charlemagne which means "Charles the Great."

King Charlemagne

Here are the definitions from this lesson.

Fjords: Narrow inlets of the sea.

Missionaries: People who are sent to tell other people about their religion.

Concordat: Agreement between the pope and the ruler of a country.

On Christmas Day, Charlemagne was at a church in Rome and the pope made him the new Roman emperor. After Charlemagne's death, the Frankish empire was divided into three kingdoms which were very prone to outside attacks.

Duke Otto of Saxony

An eastern Frankish kingdom, known as Germany, elected a new king called the Duke Otto of Saxony. He freed then pope from the control of Roman nobles. As a reward, the pope mad eOtto the Roman emperor. His territory was known as the Holy Roman Emprie.

The End


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