A day in the life of Arts and Entertainment Jacob de Waard, Naperville North HS

After class began, Olivia Rose looks over her review of the play “Persuasion.” The Arts and Entertainment class saw the play on Sunday and spent the next two days writing reviews with unique angles of the play. “Persuasion” was an adapted play by the Jane Austen novel of the same name. “I made note of things that stuck me, and pretty soon, once the play began, I knew that I wanted to write about Black Box style of theatre because it’s a smaller and intimate setting,” said Rose. “People are sitting by the stage and it’s a square, and depending on where you sit you get a different perspective.”
Before she left for dinner, Amaris Castro pitches her idea for a story to her instructor Kathleen Mills. The Arts and Entertainment class spent a large portion of the afternoon to think of ideas they could write about, and then they talked about their ideas in front of each other. “For me personally, It’s nerve racking. I’m not very good at public speaking,” said Castro. “In general, for some reason, I feel more pressure with a smaller group."
Before heading to class, Shae Turner sits in Franklin Hall and researches ideas for stories she wants to write about. One story Turner wanted to write about was one about all the statues in and around the Indiana University campus. "I defiantly learned more about things I didn't know were on campus," said Turner. "There are the ones I see everyday while walking around. But, then there are ones that are hidden in different parts of campus that I didn't know were there."
During class, Ansley Nurkin finalizes her review of "Persuasion" so her instructor, Kathleen Mills, could post it to the HSJI website. Nurkin wrote her story about the similarities of the play to "Pride and Prejudice", another Jane Austen novel. "The main character in this story is Anne. She's in the middle of the three sisters and she's very similar to to Elizabeth Bennet in "Pride and Prejudice"," said Nurkin. "They're both going through a journey of finding love and and having to deal with a family that doesn't necessarily care about them as they do with everyone else."
While in Franklin Hall, Ansley Nurkin and Olivia Rose laugh at an episode of "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries" during their free time. Nurkin and Rose didn't know each other till they started Art and Entertainment class. "We hang out in the dorms, we get lunch together, we play Mafia together. If we're not in class then we're hanging out together with our other friends," said Rose. "it's really nice having a close friend in class. We can be bouncing ideas off of each other in class and then we can work together in the dorms."
After entering class, Michaela Mathews reflects on her review of the play while listening to her music. Before coming to Indiana University, Mathews had very little experience in journalism and writing reviews. “This is something that’s new to me.,” said Mathews. “I just wanted to study to see if I’m interested in doing this as career in the future.”

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