Quality in and by Design ZAA 107 - Module 2

Key session outcomes…

  • Understanding that quality impacts every organisation, particularly in design and manufacturing.
  • Understanding that the design of a product or service requires quality to be considered from the outset.

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Quality in and by Design | Rene Kling | 4:23 mins

Quality in and by Design

The design of a new product or service is usually based on customer feedback or innovative ideas and entrepreneurship. Marketing professionals usually determine whether a current product is selling, or which products or features of products (and services) customers demand (we will come back to what customers want in another topic).

Whatever product or service we design, there is no point in designing something that ignores the quality of the end product. It makes no difference what the product is; a physical product (like a new phone), or a virtual product (like designing a website), or a service (like cleaning a building). When we plan the design of the product or service, we need to consider what level of quality will be built into it.

In quality management terms, this is often called ‘Quality by Design’.

Video 1

Now have a look at the following video, which will provide you with an overview of the three main quality management ‘gurus’ and their main points:

Quality by Design | Craig Gygi | 18:54 mins

After you’ve watched the video, make some of your own notes on the main issues to consider

Jurans Quality by Design Model.

Juran established a six-step model for Quality by Design (see Reading 1). After reading this, write the meaning of each step in your own words:

Develop a Quality by Design Checklist

Consider the following scenario, then develop a Quality by Design Checklist using concepts and words that make sense to you (note: if you are currently working, you may use your own organisation’s products or services to complete this checklist).

You work for a Tasmanian joinery company, manufacturing and installing kitchens into workplaces and homes. Focusing on the manufacturing of the kitchens, how would you build in quality by design? Formulate your checklist below – complete as many items based on the videos and readings in this topic.
Video 2

Design Processes at Google

Watch this video on design processes at Google. The video discussed a number of aspects of design; make notes of any comments that focus on designing in quality and how Google decides what is good and what is not!

Redesiging Google | 7:45 mins

Designing Quality into Processes

So far we have focused on building quality into products and services; however, for many of us it might be useful to build quality into processes. We are all involved with processes at work, at home, or at play. For example, at work could be writing a document, at home could be washing the dishes, at play could be spending an hour in the gym. We mostly undertake these processes subconsciously – sometimes it works out well, sometimes it doesn’t. What if we designed the process up-front? Would we be able to do it faster, or better, or more cost-effectively? Why don’t we build in the best quality at the design stage of a process? Many organisations do this using Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs. These are then laminated and posted at work stations, so workers know exactly what to do and in what sequence for maximum effect.

Read this link for an explanation and process for developing an SOP:

See if you can find an example SOP either at work, or on the internet. If you google for images, you will also find quite a few examples.

Video 3

ISO9001 Essentials Part 1

We discussed in Week 1 that ISO9001 is the international standard for the implementation of quality management in organisations. For the next few weeks, we will be providing videos that provide a more detailed look at this. You should now therefore view the following video, after which you can make some notes. In particular, see what the video has to say about Quality by Design:

Introduction and Clauses 1 - 5 | 10:59 mins

Assessment 1 - The Importance of Quality Management in Today’s Business – Online Activity

The instructions for Assessment 1 are on MyLO.

Based on your observations and understandings from these materials, you will post responses on the MyLO discussion board to the following questions:

  1. Why has quality management and TQM emerged in business?
  2. How relevant is quality management in today’s business environment?
  3. Whose responsibility is quality management in an organisation and why?
  4. Is Quality Management just a fad, or will it still have relevance in the future?
  1. Juran’s Quality Handbook: the Complete Guide to Performance Excellence, Seventh Edition, Chapter 4 (Quality Planning and Design of New Goods and Services).
  2. https://lostechies.com/derickbailey/2009/02/27/quality-must-be-built-in-it-cannot-be-added-on/


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