Samuel Morse And The Telegraph Zachary willett

Co-inventor of the morse code and the single-wire telegraph.He was also a independent of similar efforts in Europe.He invented the eletric telegraph.He was also well-known portrait painter,and the first president of the national academy of design. The way the telegraph revolutionlized long-distance communication,it works by transmitting electrical signals over a wire laid between stations.The way you use the telegraph is that you tap the pads on the board to transmit the message to the other person.When Samuel Morse wife died it really put a damper on his effort to continue working to create the telegraph.After his wifes death he returned to Europe and on the return trip he had a chance encounter with Charles Thomas Jackson,an american scientist.


Created with images by Thomas Shahan 3 - "Samuel F. B. Morse - August 25, 1866"

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