Project 2: Gyro Boi By: Evan Golden and Ben Brossart


We Created the Core Set Model, Gyro Boy, and Used the given program correctly to make the gyro stand on two wheel, sense objects, react correctly to colors being shown on its color sensor, and program the gyro sensor correctly to keep the robot in balance at all times, and adjust itself correctly to stay standing up.


Entire Program

Program Breakdown

writing and storing the code/gyro position for the robot to power up
This middle section is where the sensors determine how much and what direction the motors need to spin for the robot to stay up
This part is what happens if the gyro sensor detetcs the robot has fallen over and shows the shutting down graphic/sound
senses the color, one of the four, and beeps in response and does a program based off of what the color sensed was
This is the part of the program where the ultrasonic sensor is constantly on to make sure the robot does not run into anything


What I Learned

I learned how to use many different sensors together in a collaborative way to make a robot that rolls on two legs in a vertical build. I also learned how the complicated program works to keep the robot standing/react to sensing colors and objects. It was a good way to learn how to use multiple sensors and motors together to reach a common goal.


Created By
Evan Golden


Evan Golden My Mom

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