The Best Memes from Question Time by Chelsey King

Surrey Decides Question Time has been and gone, with the candidates giving it their all in their bid to run for a position in the Students’ Union.

Question Time gave voters a lot of insight into the candidates but, more importantly, it produced many memes and creative tweets from students found under the hashtag #surreydecides and were showcased on the famous twitter wall during the debate. Here I have rounded up the top 10 memes for you, as well as an interview with James Barlow, one of the twitter wall moderators, to offer his perspective on the memes generated from Surrey Decides this year.

Firstly, James told us about his experience on how he become a moderator this year: “A message went round to all part time staff asking if anyone wanted to moderate the tweet wall. As I wasn’t running for anything and being a keen tweeter, I instantly said yes!”

When trawling through the tweets during Surrey Decides a few people were wondering why their tweets and memes weren’t making it through, so who better to ask than one of the moderators! This is what James said: “There’s rightfully a ban on stuff like homophobia/sexism/racism etc that doesn’t need explaining. There was a ban on religious memes that came in place on the 3rd night due to a complaint, but that’s understandable. Essentially, we then had to keep it as relevant to the debate as possible. We also weren’t allowed to post comments about how people looked, even though Joel did look incredible and a couple of kind tweets slipped through the net for him and others… a little morale boost isn’t a bad thing in my books as long as it’s not OTT! Oh and swearing was blocked too, to try and keep it professional, which was sad because some of the tweets were great but they had profanity.”

Following from this, people were calling for freedom of speech, so I felt it apt to ask whether James worried about impeaching that: “It’s not freedom of speech I’m worried about. In fact, I encourage it as I think the world could be a much nicer place if people spoke up their beliefs and were listened to as it will make you grow as a person, even if you don’t agree with them! The things I was most worried about were people creating fake accounts and sending nasty messages (there were a couple!)... I made it my mission not to let any keyboard warriors upset anyone as it wouldn’t be fair to anyone… and to be honest university students should be grown enough to not send nasty messages!”

After asking James about his time as a twitter feed moderator, I wanted to know what his stand out tweets and memes were from Question Time: “Oooooh there were a couple… the meme about Olivia [Mitchell] fending off people who love Joel [Russell] was hilarious and there was a lot of funny meme’s about Michael Taricone when he chaired the Union Chair debate! There was a tweet about Hannah AK (a rubix worker) stealing VK’s should she be sacked by Max Lu that made me chuckle when I saw it, and one from James Kravos who tweeted ‘finding himself in thailand and now finding you your perfect society’ about Dec… gold! Shoutout to the meme about Joel looking like Jigsaw that got quickly removed off the wall when it caused mass laughter.”

The final question I had for James was what his overall favourite meme trend was that lasted over the course of Question Time, as there were a fair few: “Meme trend… hm. I mean Michael Taricone is the president of the dodgeball club and a close friend so all the meme’s about him I found hilarious on a personal level! Generally I think the meme’s about Joel [Russell] and also about Vietnam were great. Everyone who tweeted on the hashtag did an incredible job- they sure kept me entertained!”

I just want to take the opportunity here to thank James Barlow for his time and doing a great job of moderating the twitter wall during Question Time.

And now, the top 10 round up of the best memes the University of Surrey has to offer!

In 10th place we have...

We seem to have single handedly contributed greatly to deforestation in these past few weeks and some candidates seem to want to continue this into their roles too. Posters and pamphlets have been scattered around campus, on the public footpaths and even in town, in candidates’ bids to get the most votes.

Next, in position number 9 we have...

I think many of us had a slight melt down during Question Time when we found out that on average students did their laundry 40 times a year. I mean, who can even afford to do it that often when you live on campus?

At number 8 we have...

On the first night of Question Time our current VP Activity, Alexa, had amassed some healthy snacks and started tweeting if people wanted any. Well, that quickly drew the attention of the crowd and this was what occurred.

In 7th place we have...

For those of us with little to no hand-eye coordination, anything to do with sports clubs was a whole new realm, so watching the Activity zone Question Time was certainly a challenge. What is Playerlayer? Do we stack players now? Is that how football works? We shall never know, but it was fun pretending we knew what was going on.

Next, at number 6 we have...

I think this one speaks for itself.

In 5th place we have...

Unrealistic or ambitious? It was hotly debated on most of our favourite pass-time, SurreyFess.

In position number 4 we have...

Research. Research. Research. Please remember this, for Surrey Decides and our degrees.

In 3rd place we have...

Showing up to question time? What about nap time?

In 2nd place we have...

Although only a minority sat on the panel, I think we can all relate to how that must of felt. Survival was people’s only aim.

Finally, in the number one spot you have all been waiting for...

The candidates overcame social norms in the name of votes, but only those who encountered this situation will know if this bravery paid off.


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