Daily GoKart Portfolio Nathan Isaacs

We ordered wheels of the internet to make sure all wheels were the same size so we did not have a lopsided kart.
This is a mock up of the entire body of our kart. There is a front axle connected to the front of the body by a bolt.
We disassembled our bike today to get both sprockets and chain for the drill to drive our go kart from the drill to the axle.
This is the sprockets and chain we got off the bike to use to drive the go kart.
We took parts off our vcarve page and transferred them on our board to make things are fitting.
This is our onshape and vcarve files that we have so far
This was our next class when we drilled our board down to the shop bot and cut out all of our pieces.
We took all the pieces off and assembled our chair. We had some problems with it fitting so had to file one side down to get it to fit.
This is our front axle which we assembled onto the body today. This is what we will use to steer the car, our driver will use their feet to operate it.
After putting the seat and the front axle onto the base the final thing we have got to was beginning to assemble the suspension for the back axle to hold the wheels.
This is a birds eye view over our kart with everything assembled. We attached wheels to both our axles today.
Found a major flaw in the back axle because our threaded rod would not turn wheels when connected through a sprocket. Our group brain stormed what we have so far and came up with the idea to cut out the back and place a third wheel in to use for our driving mechanism.

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