Quadratic Equations By Elizabeth Cooper and Claire Rottman

Quadratic pictures in the real world

Photographed by Claire
All credits go to Lauren for this lovely picture
Photographed by Elizabeth
Photographed by the real goat

Using a quadratic image to write an equation

x intercepts: (-6, 0) , (2,0) y intercept: (0, -12) vertex: (-2,-16) line of symmetry: -2
Coordinate Points: (3,9) (5,10) (12, 10.5) (14,10) (16,9) (1,8)

Using point (1,8): Quadratic LSRL- -0.472x^2 + 0.810x + 4.975

y= -0.472(1)^2 + 0.810(1) + 4.975= 5.385

When x= 1, y will equal 5.385

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