International Day of the Midwife 05 . MAY . 2020

In all cultures, the midwife's place is on the threshold of life, where intense human emotions, fear, hope, longing, triumph, and incredible physical power enable a new human being to emerge. -Sheila Kitzinger
We, midwives, work together to ensure every birth is a Happy Birthday. - Sr Mintwab Gelagay
On this International Day of the Midwife, ICM, in solidarity with its 143 Midwives’ Associations across 124 countries, would like to call on women and women’s groups everywhere to speak out in support of midwives and our life-saving work. It is after all, Year of the Midwife meaning we’re treating every day of 2020 like it’s IDM."
Midwives are front and center in the global work to end preventable maternal deaths. At Maternity Foundation, we are privileged and proud to support midwives in their daily work to help women and newborns through a safer childbirth and work towards our shared mission: that it should not cost life to give life."

- Anna Frellsen, CEO of Maternity Foundation

Maternal health needs don’t wait for a pandemic to end. The world at this moment sees midwives as the heroes they’ve always been, shepherding women and babies from pre-pregnancy to postnatal care and beyond, wherever they may live. Jhpiego celebrates the thousands of midwives across the globe who are saving lives in even the most challenging areas for health—before, during and after emergencies."


Midwives play a vital role in supporting the health and protection of women in childbirth and their newborns. UNICEF is committed to strengthening this critical workforce in health facilities and communities alike, through midwifery education, training, and policy guidance, especially in low-income countries and those with the highest rates of maternal and newborn mortality. On this International Day of the Midwife, UNICEF celebrates midwives around the world, and their tireless, lifesaving work for women and newborns."
On the International Day of the Midwife, we honour all the Midwives. Their role goes above and beyond guiding every woman through her journey to motherhood, but also they shed light on the importance of mother and child care as well as influencing communities. Through strong partnerships, Laerdal Global Health work to develop and implement programs and solutions to create a paradigm shift in building the capacity of all midwives. Our vision is that no one should die or be disabled during childbirth, Midwives are the key in reaching this."
The Tanzania Midwives Association stands strong for and with its members. We acknowledge that midwives around the world are fighting this pandemic and We stand by them and work with the government, national and international partners to protect them, and support the development of their profession and look forward to a time when we will be able to celebrate midwives loudly and proudly once again."
Laerdal Medical always appreciates the crucial role of midwives in providing safe, respectful and dignified care to women. Now more than ever, during the COVID-19 crisis, we’d like to thank midwives around the world for this important work, so we’ve created a free simulation scenario to practice maternity care with COVID-19 cases. We hope this helps midwives to provide safer care for not only mothers and babies – but also to protect themselves by practicing with personal protective equipment. We care about your safety.
Midwives are the backbone of maternal health systems – delivering babies and much more. Today, across the globe, midwives are battling the COVID-19 crisis. Many are dying due to lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) and overall lack of support. Some health facilities are redeploying them to respond to the virus, leaving women without access to life-saving, time-critical services. Maternal and newborn health must be prioritised as part of the overall health sector response to the pandemic. UNFPA applauds the work of all midwives, and we pledge to stand by them, working with national governments to protect midwives from COVID-19. This crisis is an opportunity for all of us to do more to support midwives’ efforts to uphold the sexual and reproductive health and rights of all women, everywhere.


We work hard to guarantee that there is a skilled midwife or health worker by every woman's side during childbirth.



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