Jim Crow Jack Golden

Social/ Cultural

Another social law is that if there is a black person driving a car they have to give whites the right of way no matter what. This rule is very dangerous and hard to believe that someone has to let someone go at every intersection because of their skin color.


During Jim Crow it was almost impossible for blacks to get jobs. As shown in this picture there is a sign asking for workers, however the employer only wants white people to work there.


This picture is of Four convicts. These people were likely convicted for something a white person could get away with. During their jail time they are forced to instead work as basically slaves.


White and colored people are not allowed to be served in the same room at a restaurant. In the picture it shows one restaurant with two doors. One door for white people and one door for colored people. It is easy to tell the the doer for the white people is much nicer and bigger. Evidence


A law that was made in Alabama during Jim Crow is that there must be a divider at a but stop. The divider allows white people to wait for the bus and have black people wait at next to them, but they are not right next to each other. Another law was that on the bus if a white person asks for a black persons seat the black person has to get up. These laws were started in Alabama. Evidence

Political- Another law is that any public place must have a bathroom for white people which is separate from the bathroom for black people. This picture shows that the bathrooms are divided like a modern day men and women bathroom. Economic


Inheritance is a big source of income for people back then because most businesses were family owned. If you were black then your ancestors most likely were slaves and weren't able to own anything. This would mean that blacks wouldn't have as much money during Jim Crow.


This picture is of 'Jim Crow'. Jim Crow is not an actual person but it is what they would call the actors who were supposed to be black people in plays. White actors would wear a black mask that would make them look silly and then they would not be able to speak clear English and not be able to understand things. The white people in the plays would make the black people look very stupid and lesser than the whites


During Jim Crow some laws were made in congress and some laws were made in society. A law made in society is that to serve blacks and whites you have to serve the whites first and there must be a divider in between them.

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