Perceptions of Internet Security The Impact on Security

According to by Nguwi and Vadivel They found that "60% [of students] were not sure or did not observe HTTPS during e-shopping"
212 people surveyed used public WIFI, of these people 160 did not check for HTTPS (76%). Of the people surveyed 148 of them were college-aged. 121 (81%) of college-aged students did not check for HTTPS while using public WIFI
Of the 340 people surveyed 264 consistently used online banking. Out of those people 198 (75%) did not check for HTTPS. Of these people 159 were collage-aged and 129(81%) did not check for HTTPS.

Out of the 340 surveyed 194 people consistently used online banking,social media, and public WIFI.

Of these 194 people 143 (74%) people did not not check for HTTPS.

136 out of 340 people were college-aged students who consistently used online banking,social media, and public WIFI.

109 out of the 136 (80%) college-aged students did check for HTTPS

Students were asked to answer questions about their downloading and uploading habits: "The survey indicates that 38% of respondents downloaded every day, and 46% downloaded every week. This percentage suggests that students prefer to obtain material from the Internet as it is a convenient way of getting material they want, instantly and without much hassle" ("Perceptions on Internet Security", 18).
According to a Microsoft’s Security Intelligence report "three-quarters of the time, people who attempt to obtain free software online end up with malware-infected material on their computer"("Perceptions on Internet Security", 18).


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