Priests By Saket Gajavada

Priests were powerful and highly respected. Some priests worked for the pharaoh. These priests were treated as the highest rank of priests.

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Priests had many jobs and ranks. Image from :

There was the High Priest, Temple Priests, and women, or Priestesses. Image from:

The High Priest advised the pharaoh and and oversaw all the religious ceremonies. Priestesses were treated the same as priests, but their main job was to oversee temples which were devoted to music and dancing. Temple Priests had to take care of the god in the Egyptian temples. Image from :

Priests had a special role to play. The Egyptians believed in an afterlife. The priests had to embalm the bodies. This means to preserve the bodies from decaying, so the spirit can go into the afterlife. Image from:

The embalming has many steps. First, they removed the organs, like the brain, liver, and lungs. They used hooks to remove the brains from the body, by putting through the nostrils. The heart was always left in the body. All the organs were preserved in jars. After 70 days, they washed and oiled the body. Then they wrapped it in linen. Lastly, the body was placed in a sarcophagus. Image from :

Priests were very important to Egypt and their religion. Image from:

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