Ten Technology Tips Vivienne Snyder

To Many Pop-up ads?

  • Its might be because you have a virus or male ware
  • Dont click on these pop-up adds its a trick
  • To exit out of these pop-up adds click ALT F4 on your computer

How can I prevent getting malware?

  • Make sure you have a virus fighting software to eliminate malware
  • If you have one of these softwares make sure to update it regularly
  • When you get the software make sure its a testable web site such as Filehippo.com

Why isn't my computer turning on?

  • Don't panic!!!
  • Think phisical
  • Look around your conputer and make sure everything is plugged in
  • Are all of the cords plugged into the computer? Are all of the cords plugged into a power source?
  • If you see that everything is plugged in and its still not working reboot the computer by shutting it down
  • If you check all of these things and its still not working talk to a professional about it

How can I avoid identity theft?

  • If you think you might have a virus dont continue to type in personal information or passwaord
  • Go on another device and remake all of your passwords
  • Don't post any personal information online

Why isn't my WiFi working?

  • Look at the WIFI icon at the bottom of your screen at least one bar should be glowing
  • If not check your settings and look if your device is finding a network
  • If not look to see if your WIFI box is plugged into the wall

Why I'm I getting text from my family and friends that I know they didn't send?

  • Don't reply!!
  • If you did don't panic just delete the message
  • Go on another device and change your email or whatever it is that they try to contact you on
  • This is probably malware don't fall for it!!

Why won't my computer turn on?

  • Dont panic Its probably not a big deal
  • Thank physical!!
  • Look around the computer and check to see if any cords are unplugged
  • If this doesn't work try shutting the computer down

Why is my computer lagging?

  • You might have a virus
  • Dont click on any pop-up ads they might be downloading unwanted software on to your computer
  • Get a malware fight software to clean this up
  • If non of this works shut down your computer

I have weird tabs and files showing up on my computer.

  • Did you recently click on a pop-up ads?
  • If you did that might be the reason why
  • Some one might be trying to get info on your computer by downloading malware
  • Download a malware fighting software

Nothing is loading onto my computer!!

  • You might have a virus or unwanted software onto your computer
  • This malware might be taking up storage on your device
  • Don't panic and download a virus fighting software

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