Term 2 Final Project! Deema Al-Hajri & Muneera Al-Qahtani -Grade 7

Internet Safety

You will need a STRONG password to keep from hackers they are really good at guessing passwords. Some people might think long passwords are no good, but it is actually better to have a long password instead of short password. Do not use easy words in your password. Some people have bank accounts online you need to secure that or it will get hacked. You do not want that to happen so here you will learn how to keep your password safe.

Here are some ideas of SAFE passwords

These are really SAFE passwords! All you have to do is take words and numbers and mix them together like -- (please) the l looks like 1 so switch them, and add lowercase or uppercase letters to make it even harder to hack in it.
You can tell which one is the better. You will need to choose the better one to keep your account safe.

Now we will talk about Google SketchUp -- Using rectangle, push up/down, and navigation tools.

Google SketchUp is basically you building houses, towers, pools, and more! The rectangle tool is where you take the rectangle tool and make it as big as you want. The push up/down is taking whatever shape you already layed on the ground and basically press on it and move it up and down, but also can make a roof. The navigation tools are the ones that move the view of the screen. The orbit is when you click then drag to where you want to look like, left, right, up, and down. The hand looking tool is called pan it is when you click to move more on the left, right, up, down. Then there is the zoom tool it is when you click then drag, which will zoom in.

Now that you are done watching this is what Google SketchUp logo looks like, and some houses:

That is the logo!

Thank you for watching!


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