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Fold-able (Closed)
Fold-able (Open)

These are photos of our arithmetic and geometric fold able worksheet that helped my memorize the proprieties and rules of both sequences, we later on filled the sheet out and kept it for later. I could the skills that I developed while doing this fold able in other sequence such as the Fibonacci sequence. My strong points in this subject are figuring them out, helping others with it and applying this knowledge to other sequences. Some challenges I faced while learning about arithmetic and geometric sequences were arithmetic sequences, these were extremely difficult for me at first. Some questions I still have are: Who thought of these sequences and why.


This is a work sheet we worked on, this is where geometric sequences really clicked for me, I got all of the problems expected of me plus more. I only got a few wrong but after I realized it was wrong I corrected it

Pascal's Triangle
Fibonacci Sequence

These are my artifacts for the Fibonacci sequence, the first one is Pascal's triangle, you can find many sequences with in Pascal's triangle including the Fibonacci sequence, the second artifact is the Fibonacci sequence in nature, mainly sea shells, I made one of these in a class. Some skills I used while Doing this is pattern finding, simple addition, etc. I could use these skills while figuring out other more complicated sequences. My strong points were being the first in a class to figure out the sequence.


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