is the oylimpic more than sports ? by carter baldwin

yes the Olympics are more than sports the way they are difrent or how they are the same?.do you know how the oylimpics diffrent than sports no?. will i will tell you.

this is one of the sports that the do witch is dirt bike racing witch is were 13 people are racing together on dirt bikes and who ever comes in first they get a golden trophies and in second place you get a metal that you get a silver metal and in third place you get a bronze metal.

this is the sign of the oylimpics that they use to represent the oylimpics and so the oylimpians know were they are going.

sports is all about competing againts each other like a one vs one they are fighting againts one another but in the oylimpics you are competeing agints one another but there is team work in the oylimpics like two leggeg races you have to work with a partner to win the race if you dont work together you will fail the race

the bad side to sports is it can cause many igures like when you go snow boarding you could get really hurt by falling down a steep slope or on the way down the hill like in basketball the cort can be slippery and you can fall and sprain or break a bone like the leg or something worse. what im trying to say is be careful when doing sports.

oylimpics are in diffrent states contrys people all around the world come to the oylimpics to compites in the oylimpics wich it is a international oylimpics.

in sports there are tons of teams like foot ball there is the raiders and a lot more foot ball teams but in the oylimpics they also have teams like rugby-sevens wich is a australia

¨(The early Olympic Games were celebrated as a religious festival from 776 B.C. until 393 A.D., when the games were banned for being a pagan festival the Olympics celebrated the Greek god zeus )¨ .

this is the end of the presentation hope you in joyed the it and that is my presentation on how are the Olympics are not the same to sports bye.

yes i do think the oylimpics are more than sports


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