Crispr/Cas9 By Dominick Pizzonia

What is it?

Crispr is a revolutionary advancement in the science world. This new technology is changing the way that people live their lives. Crispr is changing or inserting genes in people. By doing so we are changing the characteristics of humans. We may be able to do this in the future because we are making RNA copies of genes and thus changing cells. Humans may now have the ability to live longer lives because of this new technology. Also diseases such as cancer will wipe out. Not only will diseases be wiped out, humans can be modified and that may become the standard. So humans can now live in different environments and be ready for certain circumstances. So Crispr is revolutionarizing the way that we live our lives.

How Is It Useful?

Crispr is useful to our society. This is because it will soon be able to completely wipe out diseases. Diseases such as cancer and HIV will be completely destroyed and they will be nonexistent because of this science advancement. So disease will not be a problem for future societies. Also it is useful because humans can now live longer lives where age doesn't effect their body. So their bodies would be modified and stronger for a longer period of time.

Should It Be Used and Why?

Crispr shouldn't be used. I believe this because humans could now be modified and used for the wrong reason. An example of this happening is when a government could modify a person's genes to help taking territory. This army of modified people would have more abilities than the average man and would be impenetrable. So Crispr would be used for the wrong reason. Another reason why Crispr shouldn't be used is because it will cause overpopulation. Since humans will never die, the world will be very crowded and this will cause many other problems. There would be overpopulation because humans would be modified to never age and never die. So I believe that Crispr shouldn't be used.

Why Is This Interesting?

Crispr is interesting because it shows the many new advancements that are developing and it also shows the direction that we are going in the science world. We are looking ahead at a future that may have no diseases and that may have people living for hundreds of years. So Crispr is going to the change humans by modifying who they are..

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