My Grade 9 Self By: erin lindsay

Before Grade 9 I participated in many various activities. As soon as I was old enough I played on my local softball team, I played on the team for somewhere between 5 and 8 years. When I was little I took swimming lessons, swimming is definitely one of my strong suits. I swim every chance I get and I am always the last one out of the water. I think that between swimming lessons and time spent at the beach/pool my upper body strength has improved a lot. A few other activities I participated in include; babysitting, camping and riding my bike around the neighborhood. All of these activities have improved my stamina, endurance, strength and have given me skills I may need to know later in life.

Fitness Unit

Wall Sit

During my fitness testing I participated in the Wall Sit, Vertical Jump, Beep Test, Grip Strength and the Sit and Reach. My score in the wall sit decreased and did not improve. I think this is due to my knee problems. The pain has gotten worse over the past couple months and has decreased the strength in my knees. In the beep test I stayed in the same scoring area. This may be that I did not push myself enough.

Field Hockey

Field Hockey Pass Preparation

Learning a new sport is always difficult, it does not matter which sport you are learning. Part of the reason it is difficult is because each sport has different scoring, boundaries, equipment and technique. One of the harder parts of field hockey was playing outside. The ball gets stuck in the grass very easily, and it is a lot harder to pass and shoot the ball.

Track and Field

If I were to join the Listowel Lightning Track Team, I would participate in Running Triple Jump, Running Long Jump. I would participate in these events because I excel in them compared to other events available. I also enjoy these two very much, which would urge me to train for them and I'd be more willing to do it.



One of the many skills I learned in the football unit was how to hut or hike. In order to hut a ball properly you must get into a slight crouch position, from here you will hold the tip of the ball with two hands at an upwards angle. Before you pass the ball, you must wait for the quarterback to give you a que (e.g. 22 hut). The que may be an assortment of words and numbers, often referring to a specific play. Once given the que, in one quick motion you throw the ball backwards, between your legs. You want to aim towards their lower chest.


Volleyball Unit

Volleyball is a very popular sport amongst Grade 9's. This may be because it is not a difficult sport to play, it is quite enjoyable and everyone gets a chance to participate. If a teammate is struggling with one of the components of the volleyball unit, some helpful things you can do would be to give them some one-on-one practice time. You can help them practice their passes and serves. Another way you could help is just by explaining it.


Serving and Returning

In badminton I was taught to play two different ways. Singles and Double. Singles is where you would play one-on-one and Doubles is when you play two-on-two. I prefer playing singles because I can decide the way I'd like to strategize and play. I also don't have to worry about getting in their way or having a team mate come on my side. It is harder to cover the entire court on your own, but you can use your own technique and can move to your ability.


I- Identify the situation D- Decide on various solutions E-Evaluate the solutions. A- Act upon your decision L- Learn from your mistakes

In our Health Unit we learned about decision making. Decision making is so important, but without knowing the facts you can't make good decisions. Without proper decision making you can get into a lot of bad things; Drugs, Unhealthy Relationships and Alcohol are a few things that could you could get into. You need to make good decisions because the consequences are never good. Pregnancy, Overdose, Jail time, Fines, Charges, Addiction, Self Harm and even Loss of Life (not just your own) could be the outcome of a bad decision.

Advice to My Grade 9 Self

The advice I'd give my Grade 9 Self would be to not morph myself into something others think I should be. We all do it. Even little things; the way we dress, talk and act. I don't necessarily mean drinking or smoking, but don't change yourself for anyone else. You are the way you are because that is who you are. Not because somebody else said you should be that way, You can only be you if you decide to be you, if you decide you won't let other people's opinions control the things you do and who you are.


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