1920's Heroes By: Ty Myers

1920's Sports heros

1. Babe Ruth- He was a professional baseball player. He was the greatest baseball player to ever live and everyone wanted to be like him. People loved him because he was so good and they wanted to be him.


a) First gained fame as a pitcher.

b) He thought he was a year older than he actually was for a long time.

c) His father died in a fight with a family member.

2. Jack Dempsey- He was a professional boxer. He became world heavy weight champion to gain his fame. People loved him because he was very dedicated to what he did and was fun to watch.


a) His nickname was Kid Blackie and Manassa Mauler.

b) Died at the age of 87.

c) Died of heart failer.

1920's hero of flight

Charles Lindbergh- He was a famous aviator and many other things. flew all the way around the Atlantic Ocean without stopping. People loved him because of the flight.


a) His father was a U.S. congressman

b) He worked as a daredevil and stunt pilot

c) He wasn’t the first person to make a transatlantic crossing in an airplane.

1920's Jazz hero

Louis Armstrong- He was an american singer and trumpeter. He played trumpet and was a very good singer. People loved him because of his big mouth and how good his music was.

a) He was also a very funny comedian.

b) is nickname was Satchmo

c) His family was very poor growing up.

Modern day hero

Michael Jordan- He was a professional basketball player. He was one of the greats in the NBA. People loved him because he was exciting to watch.

a) He played college at north carolina

b) He payed for the Chicago bulls and the Washington wizards.

c) His middle name is Jeffrey.


Created with images by Jim, the Photographer - "Photograph of Babe Ruth" • cwwycoff1 - "Des Moines Iowa Police Department - Historical Photos" • Marine Corps Archives & Special Collections - "Charles Lindbergh, Nicaragua, circa 1928" • Luiz Fernando Reis MMF - "Louis Armstrong cor 29" • A(rt)kilo - "Michael Jordan"

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