Promote Yourself! Eddie's free website campaign

Self promotion should not cost the artist an arm and a leg. In fact, it can and should be free...

This is the theme of my new book "An Old Fart's Guide To Self Promotion in The Digital Age".

It's for old a young fart musicians alike who need to get a better leg up on self promotion.

To prove the point, I'm willing to help you get started on your website. The only condition is that you purchase a copy of the book and write a review at Amazon -- In exchange, I'll give you a head start on your homepage. All you have to do is:

  • Sign up with WEEBLY (Don't worry. It's free.)
  • Provide me with your profile.
  • Provide me with some pictures.
  • Provide me links about *you* (YOU TUBE reviews, social media, whatever!)
  • Send me an e-mail and be clear with your main goals and selling points!

note: The steps above should be pretty easy, but if you find yourself struggling with any of them, the book should set you clear!

ready to get started?


*note: There are lot's but not an infinite number of openings -- please be sure to contact me prior to purchasing the book.

Coming May/2017. Get Notified.

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