Chief Croker By EriK Peña

Background information

In New York City on March 25, 1191 was the deadliest industrial disaster. It was a huge fire broke out. The huge fire killed 146 people.

Chief Croker

Chief Croker was born in 1863 in Winchester County. At 21 years old he converted from being a brakeman to a fireman. In 1892 he became Chief Croker.

What he did to help

He got involved by being Chief of the fire men and studying the building and making new laws. He used pictures to help him make fire proof buildings. He also taught fire drills in case there is a fire how to handle it, in a calm and order fashion.

Changes that occurred because of this

Changes that were made were 36 new laws that have to deal with fire safety. Also, signs indicating where the fire exits are. A issue that people had when the fire was upon them was the door would open inwards not outwards. Everyone would be rushing to the door so when they would try to open the door it wouldn't open.


This disaster occurred on March 25, 1911. This cause killed 146 people. Chief Croker was 21 years old when he joined the fire department. He soon became Chief Croker. He studied the building and took pictures to help him with making fire proof buildings. Chief Croker taught fire drills to help people to escape fire in buildings. Signs were also made to indicate where emergency exits are. Also, doors were made to open outwards not inwards.

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