"How can we make Brampton a better place to live?" Presented by: Bavneet and noreen


Mississauga, Caledon, and our city Brampton, constructs thousands of tonnes of waste per year. Did you know that the average person produces 4.3 pounds of waste each day? Back in the 1960s, they generated 1.6 pounds less. Research from Statistics show Canada's recent data of the overall amount of trash that Canadian households are expanding to. That's around 7%, from 2004. The main cause is civilians discarding trash by putting it into plastic garbage bags, later to directly arrive at the dump. These waste concerns affect us financially and environmentally, but we can take some action to improve for the betterment of our city.

Financially helping us; You can save up to 71 cents just by making your own tea/coffee from scratch. Buying these products daily costs more money and generates more waste by throwing the plastic cups away. Also, lasting you less than a month to clean your kitchen or bathroom would be 35 lysol cleaning wipes for the price of $3.49 at Loblaws. A better deal lasting for many months to come would be a 650 millilitre spray bottle of lysol cleaner, at the expense of $3.99.

Environmentally helping us; Obviously garbage upon garbage creating landfills isn't a good thing. Environmentalist, Emily Alfred says, " making the product is really where most of the energy and pollution happens". Emily also added on that once a product is within our homes reusing those same materials is the best we can achieve at.


Not good service; Aggressive, rude and carless, are all the characteristics that some describe bus drivers in Brampton incorporate. Why? Maybe they are facing family problems. For example, preparation for divorce, parenting concern, money issues, lack of sleep, etc. Solutions to these affairs could be; talk to the bus driver about his or her behaviour. This somewhat helps the bus driver acknowledge their actions, and assist them in improving. The driver could sit and talk to his family about any kind of concerns and sort some of those issues out. Creating a regular bedtime routine, or even preventing yourself with liquids such as coffee, is a great way for the lack of sleep provided. Now these problems improve Brampton because it makes the bus driver and the residents happy.

Unsafe buses; Shelters at bus stops contain poor lighting, and especially these days its important to watch your surroundings due to the bad conditions of weather. In the winter daytime gets dark easily around 5:00pm, as well as the incidents that may occur with the slippery roads. Connecting this to Brampton, Sheridan college contains many students waiting for the arrival of buses. To add on, the pollution forming around with 70,000 trucks across Canada. Solutions would be; to fix lighting in bus stop shelters, and to make sure you're standing at a distance when buses come your way. In a way this gives safety to Sheridan students. To reduce the amount of pollution, we can help by turning off extra lights, computers, as well as electric appliances. To go above and beyond use energy efficient light bulbs.


Drugs and water bottles; Through several directions, amounts of drugs are put into drinking water. Unnecessary medications are flushed, tossed down the water supply, and some pass it from their urine. Examination shows, even with the process of cleansing and the water treatments, the medicines continue to contaminate. Solutions would be; inform your regional public services for information on what pollutants they inspect for drinking water. Unnecessary or finished medications shouldn't be flushed when there is no more need. Instead, incorporate the drugs with coffee grounds, or kitty litter. Anything unpleasant to pets is good to stir with the useless medicines. After your done mixing, be sure to seal the item which holds the stirred drugs, and throw it in the trash.

Not enough plastic bottles get recycled; In Canada, an estimate from nestle say that about 70-75% of water bottles are recycled. Scientists claim that water bottles take a long time to break down. This is due from the amount of water bottles used each day, eventually to pile up, taking up time for machines to break the trash down. Solutions to this issue; we can try to reduce the amount of water bottles we buy. Another way would be to buy reusable cups to use at coffee shops and/or restaurants.

Energy is getting wasted; our community wastes so much energy and they don't even realize it. We leave lights on, taps running, chargers that aren't charging, and many more issues related to the topic. Solutions; when not using, don't leave the lights on. Instead turn them off. Same applies to your chargers. Unplug it when unnecessary. Also, close running taps, and the use of LED bulbs, or solar lights is effective. Putting this in, Holtby is claiming they will be able to produce clean electricity to power about 60 homes in Ontario.


The increase of traffic creates more carbon emissions and smoke. Green space and important wildlife are decreasing with the increase of smart growth. This topic also impacts our lives in a startling way by; lowering our free time and widening our waistlines. How? An example would be a commuter driving his/her vehicle an hour a day. That one hour is comparable to 9 working weeks a year in that same vehicles. Researchers have proven people residing in urban areas consume less time walking, gaining up to 6 pounds. Solutions to these issues; when moving or deciding to in the near future, choosing a home nearby a 30 minute walk, bike, or any other transportation to easily arrive to your destinations helps decrease the carbon emissions and smog. To save green space and wildlife we should build up, meaning apartments. Reduction to the issue with being car-dependent, is to try and work on getting out of your car, and trying out different options. For example, public transportations like subways, or even walking or riding a bike works!

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