E-safety By wade and callum

Welcome to e-safety this is a message to keep safe online hope you enjoy.

You could think that the people your speaking to on social media or other online features that you are speaking to someone who you think are your friends but regally you don't have a single clue who they are your speaking to a computer screen not the person behind it you can't see them!

Follow the rules and stay safe and you won't have a problem! Don't meet up never accept a file be reliable tell someone be SMART!!

If you are worried over something that may be happening online tell your family then report to police if needn't there only there to help! PROUD TO PROTECT speak out stay safe they can help you!!

Never give personal details away (phone number,email,password,full name,address,age and school) you might think you now someone but really if you give one of these things away it can lead to something big if it was me I would advice to use different passwords for accounts because if someone did get your password they could get to everything you've got use different ones I'd rather write them down then have them stole it's a lot safer than the Internet.

Phishing is an attempt to obtain information such as username,password and bank details!

Cat fishing is also a scam on mainly social media it contains impersonating someone pretending to be someone that your not!!

Treat people the way you want to be treated

Things can lead to extremely dangerous matters never meet someone!

This is a number if you are worried and don't want nobody to know child line is the place to call it's free to ring they won't tell nobody unless you want them to tell your parents or someone in your family.

Thank you and keep safe

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