Red Thread Weaving With a Pin Loom Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

“Do you know nothing? I tie together everyone who meets with these red threads.” The Old Man sighed, holding up his bag full of red string. “When you were born, I tied your ankle to your wife’s ankle with a red thread, and as you both grew older the line became shorter until you eventually met. All the people you’ve met in your life have been brought to you by the red cords I tied.

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Prepping Your Loom

First decide if you would like a tighter or looser weave. The looser weave is a bit easier if you're just starting out.

Loose Weave = 10 pins between points

Tight Weave = 12 pins between points

  1. Place 1 gold pin on each of the 5 points of the hexagon.
  2. Place either 10 or 12 silver pins between each set of gold pins all the way around. For this tutorial we will be using 10 pins. Be sure to space them as evenly as possible. You can use a ruler or the paper template we've included.
  1. Create a slip knot.
  2. Slip the loop around the TOP GOLD PIN.
  3. Bring the yarn down and around the bottom gold pin from LEFT TO RIGHT (counter clockwise).
  4. Pull the yarn back to the top and around the pin to the right of the top gold pin. Wrap from RIGHT to LEFT.

The Weaving Process

  1. You will always weave UNDER - OVER.
  2. With your crochet hook in your left hand slide it under the first string. Continue in under - over pattern to the end. You’ll naturally be over the last string. Hook your working thread and pull through.
  3. Continue pulling this thread up and over the next available pin at the top left.
  4. Slide the yarn down and around the first available bottom left pin.
  5. At this point notice that your yarn is already woven on the bottom.
  6. Hook the yarn around the next available bottom right pin.
  7. Use your hook to tap the weave snug.
  8. REPEAT this process over and over until the only pins left are the ones on each side. See the next steps for more explanation.
Keep going! This is the next row.
  1. Continue until you've wrapped around the 4 GOLD pins on the sides.
  2. From here you will set aside your crochet hook and start using the long needle.
  3. Wrap yarn around your hexagon 8 times and cut. This will give you the perfect amount to finish weaving.
  4. Thread your needle and continue weaving back and forth turning your work as you go.
  5. See below for detailed pictures.

Weave the last row. You will know it's the last because every pin has yarn wrapped around it and it will complete the alternating weave pattern.

After you weave the last row, pull the edges up and over the pins. You might need to remove a pin or two if it's too tight.

Loose Woven Cloth
Tight Woven Cloth

YOU did IT!!

How many more can you make? What do you think you could make with these hexagons? Just one is a great dish or face cloth but if you sew them together what else could you make? What about a place mat? How about a blanket? I can't wait to see your creations!

Share pictures of your creations - finishedcrafts@handmeacraft.com

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