1930 Sophia sullivan

Life in city- The factories and stores shut down. Many workers lost their jobs. Town families could not produce food. Many city people went hungry. Sometimes they set up soup kitchens in the larger cities that provided free meals. Winters were a hard time since a lot of families had no money to heat their houses. The government made programs for Americans to work. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) hired many men to work on parks, roads, public buildings and ect. Teen boys got hired by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). They were given clothing, and got with free meals. The money that they made was given back to their families. The CCC boys planted trees, helped create parks to save natural areas.

Agricultural life- In 1930s there was a huge drought. The middle and late 30s people experienced one of the worst droughts in U.S. history. The drought made the Depression even worse. It effected the Great Plains the most. With no rain, farmers couldn't grow any crops. With no crops the wind blew soil in the air creating dust storms. School was often canceled because of dust storms. Some farmers were forced to give up and move out of the plains to look for work.

Minorities- In 1930 racial discrimination was huge. The minority workers were the first to lose jobs. They were denied employment, sometimes threatened when applying for work, charities refused to serve them food(particularly to blacks in the south). They were excluded from union.mPresident Franklin D. Roosevelt brought relief to the struggling nation. Minorties suffered badly. Many minorities called Roosevelt's programs a "raw deal" instead of a "new deal."

Family life- When family's weren't working, they found time to have fun. With no money to spend on entertainment they would play board games such as "Monopoly" and "Scrabble" and the neighbors got together to play card games. Also, they played records. They watched baseball, put together puzzles, had chores on Sunday afternoons.

Leisure time- They would collectstamps, parlor games, board games, gambling. Radio sets were an all time high. Going to movie theaters. They would go watch sports and listen to music.

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