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what I need to know to stay healthy is my weight goals. I need to know my calorie intake. I need to know how to eat a healthy diet to take in those power calories. I need to ensure that i get exercise for more than 30 to 60 mins..

  • weight
  • calorie intake
  • how to eat a healthy diet
  • 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity

eating a healthy diet.

healthy greens are packed with vitamins
  • low fat choices
  • unsaturated fat
  • little to no transfat
  • complete proteins
  • complex slow burning carbs
  • water over sugary drinks
  • stick to greens
  • low added sugar
  • avoid oversized portions
  • drink skim instead of whole milk
  • make half of your grains whole grains

A healthy diet is important because it manages weight and prevents early mortality prolonging life.

eating a healthy diet versus those who dont
drink milk dont get osteoporosis
  • osteoporosis(lack of calcium) v.s strong bones
  • anemia(lack of iron) v.s
  • high blood pressure(surplus sodium)
  • cardiovascular disease (lack of fiber) vs. lower cholestrol
  • colon cancer (lack of fiber) v.s normal bodily metabolism
  • stroke
  • obesity vs. a better physique
  • sleep apnea v.s a better a deeper sleep
  • cancer v.s protection against cancer
what influences my healthy behaviors and decisions
good habits
  • nutrition habits
  • hydration habits
  • physical activity
  • stress management
  • sleeping habits

what i can do to avoid health risk is eat a varied healthy diet and get exercise. and get a good nights sleep.

say no to cigarettes to avoid health risks
  • dont smoke
  • physical activities
  • healthy diet
  • healthy weight
  • reduce stress
  • get screened vaccine

eating a healthy balanced diet can prolong ones life.








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