Betrayal Final project 2016

Universal theme: Betrayal Comes from those you trust the most.

"Of Mice and Men"

"The hand shook violently, but his face set and his hand steadied. he pulled the trigger."

This line when George kills Lennie is Steinbeck's way of showing that even though you may call someone a good friend, they might end up stabbing you in the back. George and Lennie were the best of friends. They traveled together, applied to jobs together, and got fired together. Everyone seemed to love the duo, until the hazard of passing judgment overpowered when people find out Lennie is mentally ill. When they are working on Curly's dad's ranch, Lennie commits a few heinous acts that are completely unintentional. For example, he got in a fight with Curly and smashed his hand, and killed a puppy by petting it too hard. One day he was getting reeled into Curly's wife's trap and he was petting her hair, going along with her plan. She was trying to pull his hand away from his tight grip, and he flipped her over on a pile of hay, broke her neck, and killed her. He had ran away because he was aware that the workers would come for him. When George and Carlson went to go look for him, George shot and killed Lennie after buttering him up about how great of a life they would have in the future.


"Henry put on his joking tone. "There's fights tonight. How'd you like you to go to the fights?" ..... "Just fooling Elisa."

In this line, Henry jokingly implies that they should go see the fights on their night out together. Then, he automatically assumes that she wouldn't want to go, so he says that he was joking. Later on in the story, Elisa ponders over the thought of going to the fights, and asks Henry what goes on during them. He says that every now and then people hurt each other, and get bloody noses, then assumes she won't like them. This is an example of betrayal because in marriage you would trust your significant other to be on your side and try new things, but he obviously wasn't very supportive of her ideas.


''Then, when Tularecito smiled blandly at Miss Martin, Franklin Gomez had beat Him severley across the back."

This quote I used from 'Tularecito' is my last example of betrayal from the three stories I read. Franklin Gomez was the man who had hired Pancho, and Pancho was the man who took care of Tularecito. You would expect that he would at least have a little bit of respect for him, but that wasn't the case when Franklin Gomez whipped Tularecito, as told to do by Miss Martin.

Modern day betrayal: Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton.

The Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton break up was a shock to many supporters of their relationship. It is also an example of betrayal, as well.

They were happily married when suddenly Miranda had been cheating on Blake. Time did it's thing, they broke up, and it was chill for a while. Then rumor got around that Blake had been cheating on Miranda as well, and that really stirred the pot. One year later, people are still murmuring about the big split between the two famous country singers.

So what? Impact

The theme of betrayal is an important topic because it is something that people should watch out for. A vast majority of us have experienced betrayal by someone. Looking back on the examples from various stories, I can reflect on my past experiences and learn from them. As readers of Steinbeck's stories, the audience has learned that even though you may trust someone very much and consider them a good friend, they will find a way to betray you.

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