How to build a popsicle stick bridge by: Hannah dreier


  • 1-2 bottles of Elmer's
  • About 200 popsicle sticks
  • Old news paper
  • Yard stick
  • Box of paper clips
  • Rubber bands
  • Three empty water bottles

Steps to building the bridge:

  1. First you need to figure out how long you want your bridge to be, the bridge I will be demonstrating is 30-35 inches long.
  2. Next, place the old newspaper on the table and completely cover it to prevent messes.
  3. Lay the yard stick flat on the table.
  4. First you are going to be building the bottom support to the side of the bridge
  5. Line 7 popsicles sticks end to end horizontally against the yard stick to make the line straight and level on the table.
  6. Next, place another layer of popsicle sticks on top of the first layer by putting a line of glue on one side of the stick and placing the middle of one popsicle stick on top on the seam where the two popsicle sticks on the bottom meet.
  1. Then, make one more layer of popsicle sticks on top of the previous layer to make a three layer support stick for the side of the bridge, by placing half the popsicle stick hanging off of the second layer to line up symmetrically to the first layer of popsicle sticks leaving a space the length of half a popsicle stick between the first and third layer.
  1. Later, place a paper clip wherever you feel necessary on the 30-35 inch stick to press the glued sticks together creating a strongbase for the side and to prevent any movement of the sticks.
  2. Set aside carefully to dry.
  3. Next, you are going to start building the top to the side of the bridge
  4. Line 6 popsicle sticks up against the yard stick and repeat steps 5-9 to create a shorter version of that bottom support.
  5. After both the bottom and the top of the side of the bridge is COMPLETELY dry, place both support sticks on the table with the top support stick about 4 inches above the bottom support stick.
  1. On both sticks, you should have an empty space on both ends between the first layer of popsicle stick and the third layer.
  1. In that empty space on both ends of both the support stick you will be inserting 2-3 popsicle sticks side by side diagonally in that space to connect the bottom and top support sticks to create the start of one side of the bridge.
  1. Again, place paperclips wherever you want a stronger seam between the sticks.
  2. Once all glue is dry, you are going to be building the "X" support beams between the top and bottom support sticks of the side of the bridge.
  3. To make the "X" support beams, you are going to start by simply putting a dot of glue on each end of a stick and placing the stick diagonally on the side of the bridge with one end of the stick glued to the top support beam and the other to the bottom support beam.
  4. After that, you will need to do the same thing in step 17 but place the stick mirroring the first stick you placed, forming a triangular shape.
  5. Repeat steps 17 and 18 until the entire side of the bridge is covered from start to finish with the triangular shaped beams.
  1. Place paperclips on the fresh glue to prevent the triangular beams from shifting.
  2. Once all glue is dried, you are going to be building the "X" shape beams.
  3. To create the "X" beam, place glue on both ends of a popsicle stick and go over the top support stick, under the diagonal beam, and back over the bottom support stick, weaving the stick strongly through the triangular shape and creating the "X" shaped support beam.
  4. Repeat step 22 throughout the side of the bridge, weaving the sticks through the triangular beam and creating a "X" shaped beam.
  1. Place paperclips on all the new glue for that strong bond.
  2. After this step, you are finished with side one.
  3. To complete side 2, you need the repeat steps 5-24.
  4. After you have completed building both sides of the bridge, you will need to connect the sides of the bridge about 4 inches apart.
  5. To connect the sides, you first need to place about 4-5 rubber bands vertically around both sides, pushing them very tightly together.
  6. To make the sides have a 4 inch space in between them, you will need to carefully pry the sides apart and stretch the rubber bands wide enough to be able to fit an empty water bottle in between them.
  1. After your sides are about 4 inches apart by the water bottle and rubber bands, you will need to flip the bridge over and glue 4 sticks to the bottom placing them side by side starting at the end of the bottom if the bridge.
  2. Work around the water bottles that are in between the sides of the brides, and repeat step 30 until the bottom of the bridge is covered and has support.
  3. Let the glue totally dry.
  4. Next, take the water bottles out of in between the bridge and cut the rubber bands from around the bridge.
  1. Flip bridge back over, then simply glue extra support sticks vertically to the top of the bridge.
  2. Let the glue dry.

Now you are completely finished with your bridge!!!

This bridge should hold up to 90 pounds.


Created with images by nick.amoscato - "Bridge"

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