Utah Symbols Kamryn

State animal

The Elk became the official state animal in 1971. They are found all over the united states.

State Emble

The beehive was the officially the state emblem in 1959 on march 4th. It was adopted by the legaster of the state.

State FLower

The sego lily was made the official state flower after a census was taken of the state's school children as to their prefrence for a state flower. The sego lily is white, lilac, and yellow.

State fruit

The cherry is the states fruit. Both sweet and sour cherries are grown in Utah.

State fish

The Bonneville Cutthroat Trout was the state fish after having the rainbow trout. The Mormon Pioneers used the fish for a source of food.

State Motto

Industry was the official state motto on march 4, 1959. It was adopted by Utah.

State Song

In 2003 Utah State voted to change the song to "Utah this is the place" from "Utah we love thee." In 1996 Sam and Gary Francis wrote the song.

State Gem

The Topaz gem became the state gem in 1969. It is found in Beaver.


The Spanish sweet onion was became the state vegetable in 2002. They are similar to sweet onions.

State Tree

Are state tree is the quaking aspen. It was chosen in 2014.

State Flag

Each state has adopted a state flag. All of the things on the flag means something special.

State Fossil

The state is the Allosaurus. It's skull is more than 3ft. long.

State Bird

The state bid is the California seagull. It became the state bird in 1955.


Copper is what pennies are made out of. It became the state mineral in 1994.


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