Post-Test Analysis & Office Hours Visit Common Exhibit for Learning Outcome #4

Hardest Class = Calculus 2

This form is showing my results on the second Calculus 2 exam I took

As we went over the form, I quickly noticed I did better on the multiple choice than FRQ's. There was one problem where I did not know what to do because I felt that it was not taught, and there were plenty where I had careless mistakes. Sometimes, right around the middle of the exam, I start to go into hyper mode and misread questions and start doing the problem, but the wrong method for the problem.

The learning techniques I will use will be to practice harder on the FRQ section of the older exams that way I do better. My professor told me that my Multiple Choice is above average, so try to focus on the response questions more. On the next test coming up, I am also going to start on the FRQ section first.


Coming to my professor and going over the test one on one was interesting. It was different because he sees a face to the grade, and I am also there trying to get more help. It was actually joyful getting help from the professor, especially after seeing a test of mine. I think if the professor sees what I'm doing wrong on their tests, they may also guide me to do something different in order to pass their tests. For calculus, it was mainly the algebra mistakes, but nothing too big to worry about. All in all, I think doing this exercise made me smarter, and also started a better relationship with my professor.


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