The great energy hunt Wind and solar energy

By Owen mailloux

How much does it $$$ cost to set up?

To set set up a 10kw wind turbine it cost 48-60 thousand plus 40 thousand for the equipment to install.

For a solar panel it would cost around 25-35 thousand to set up a 5wkw system.

How long do they last?

The life expectancy of a wind turbine is 20-25 years with some maintenance during the time period.

The life expectancy of solar panel is to be 25-30 years long.

What are the pros and cons of wind and solar?

Pros cons

-clean fuel source -expensive

-doesn't pollute air -endanger migratory birds

-renewable will never run out -noise complaints

Pros cons

-environmentally friendly -requires some space

-renewable -energy storage is expensive

-sustainable -exotic materials

-reduces electricity costs -intermittent


Which one produces more power?

To come to a conclusion wind and solar make almost the same amount of energy it’s that solar is a better investment and doesn’t cost as much as wind power does but as far as i can see they can produce just as much power as each other

How much do they produce in a day?

In a day one solar panel can produce 1 kilowatt of energy.

In a day a wind turbine a produce 16 kilowatts.

How to set up?

to build this turbine they first level out the ground then lay down a concrete foundation,then to raise the tower they then take it piece by piece and bolt it together and raise the tower with a crane then the bolts are tightened and the tower is tested for stability.


How a wind turbine works

How a solar panel works

How a solar panel is built

Do wind and solar have an environmental impact?

To a degree yes wind and solar do have some kind of impact to our environment.

Wind turbines have big blades that can spin at a fast rate which causes birds and bats to get hit and killed especially when the migration season comes.

Solar panels problem with the environment is that they take up lots of space causing habitat to deplete,also have to much water use and have some hazardous materials in manufacturing.

Ending conclusion?

To conclude the question about which one of these two are better, from the information that I have gathered here solar and wind are pretty equal to me in pros and cons, they both have their ups and downs in some of the things I've researched whether it was the environmental impacts or the costs and even the amount of energy they produce in a day. To me I'd would pick solar to be the best because even though one solar panel only makes one kilowatt a day a farm of them will make a lot more than a wind turbine will, plus they are very inexpensive, easy to get, and the life expectancy of a solar panel is a lot longer than a wind turbine with very minimal repairs during there 25-30 year long life. So my conclusion to this project is that solar panels are better to have and invest in than wind turbines.


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