Langley Park School for Girls Newsletter december 2018

Message from the Headteacher

As the weather is decidedly winter, and students are often walking to and from school in the dark, can I recommend luminous items on back packs and PE kit as a way of making them more visible to car users. Some students are coming to school without a coat or waterproof and whilst I understand the reluctance for some teenage girls to wear coats, I will be asking tutors to remind them to wrap up warm as a way of looking after themselves, and putting comfort and well-being above appearance (which in my experience is often the concern). Should the weather become very severe, the procedures and information regarding any school closure are on the website. We obviously hope that this will not be necessary.

In order to mark 100 years since the end of the First World War, we marked the occasion in school by creating our own poppies with messages of peace and gratitude, as well as a series of assemblies in which we stood and observed a one minute silence broken by the Last Post played beautifully by Olivia M, 10GB.

Next week there will be a series of age appropriate assemblies about World AIDS Day, to remember those we have lost, to help diminish the stigma that still exists and to remind everyone that infection is entirely avoidable. This will be an opportunity to remind our students about the consent agenda and how important it is to make informed choices.

In response to feedback from parents and students, staff are working on exciting plans for learning activities that take place beyond the classroom. This is in addition to the already brilliant opportunities such as an assembly with international DJs, and the launch of an expedition to Borneo.

Our ICT team are about to start work on improving the quality of ICT provision in some classrooms, to ensure that all projectors are visible.

Site security is being enhanced once again with additional fencing to secure the back of the site (due to happen in January 2019) and the electronic sign in service for staff, Sixth Formers and Year 11 is proving very effective.

Please do also follow us on Twitter @LPGSBromley and www.instagram.com/lpgsbromley.

Best wishes,

Katie Scott, Headteacher

LPGS Governor's Message
Welcome to the first Governor's Page of this academic year

Dear Parents/Carers,

The summer saw another fantastic set of examination results and all students and staff must be vey proud of their hard work and achievements. Many of our A-Level students succeeded in gaining their first choice university places and we are delighted to welcome new and existing students into our current Year 12.

I am also very pleased to welcome Katie Scott, our new Headteacher. Ms Scott has been incredibly busy this term, getting to know the school, staff and students.

Over the summer holidays the site staff worked tirelessly to ensure the school was ready for business following the completion of Stages 2 and 3 of the new heating systems. A huge thank you to Shaun Robertson and his team.

The autumn term is always a busy one, especially as the Year 11 and 13s prepare for and sit their mock public examinations. It is also an exciting time as the Year 7 students establish themselves around the school and have already represented the school in sports activities and performing to their families at the Year 7 concert.

Unfortunately this term Christine Stephen, Chair of the PTA had to resign as she is no longer a parent at LPGS. This role and the role of Vice Chair still remain vacant. At a time when school budgets are being stretched, the role of the PTA in raising funds, not for fun extras but every day essential items such as chairs and tables, is evermore important. If you feel you are able to support by volunteering or taking a lead role, please keep an eye out for emails giving details of the next meetings and events.

Finally, the Local Governing Board at LPGS is recruiting a new Governor. More details are available in this newsletter. This is following the resignation of Sue Collier, who has been a Governor for four years. I would like to thank Sue for her time and commitment to the school and wish her all the very best for the future.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Craig Anderson, Chair of Governors, Langley Park School for Girls

A very busy year for Music!!

We have had a busy year so far in the Music Department with a number of concerts, events and trips that have taken place including the Year 7 'Mamma Mia Concerts', Tour to Slovakia for Years 9-13 and DJing demonstration assemblies for Years 7 - 7. This terms finale on Tuesday 4th December was the very enjoyable (and sparkly!) Christmas Concert. The programme consisted of a varied mixture of genres with some festive numbers added in throughout despite it being a little early in the month. Students got everyone into the festive spirit with their reindeer antlers, tinsel and other crazy hats but Mr. Sizer beat them hands down with his elf bobble hat with extra big ears! It was a full house and particular mention must go to the soloists who performed outstandingly: Frances S (Year 9) on the clarinet, Alice H (Year 11) on acoustic guitar, Mariya K (Year 10) and Macey H (Year 8) who sang 'Hallelujah' by Leonard Cohen. All extra-curricular groups performed what they had been rehearsing since September and it was fantastic to share in the successes of small trios right up to the Concert Band and Chamber Orchestra. All participants have been given the chance to go to see 'Dreamgirls' the Musical in the last week of term as a reward for their commitment.

LPGS Music Tour visit Slovakia

On the morning of Thursday 18th October, 35 students together with the LPGS Music Department staff and Dr Sheppard, set off on the LPGS annual music tour which this year was to Slovakia. After a crazily long coach journey (24 hours in total), we made it in one piece (ahead of schedule) to the capital Bratislava. We were able to make a cheeky stop at a shopping mall for some breakfast/lunch.

The week flew by with a packed schedule of three concerts, a day trip to Vienna, a boat trip on the Blue Danube, a trip to Bratislava Castle, Bratislava Zoo & Dino Park, Mozart's House, Beethoven's Grave, Vienna Cathedral and not forgetting the all important quiz, bingo night and student talent show! Friendships were made, audiences were wowed, new food was tried (we will never forget the poppy seed gnocchi!) and an unforgettable experience was had by all. We may not have got a rest in half term but it was worth it!

Miss G Sheppard

The National Young Mathematicians' Awards
Clare S, Anna M, Sophie P and Sophie S

On the Thursday 8th November a Year 8 team entered the first round of the National Young Mathematicians' Awards. The team members were Claire S, Anna M, Sopie P and Sophie S. I am pleased to confirm that LPGS has made it to the Regional Final on Thursday 6th December!

The judges feedback: “We were really impressed with their team work skills in both the competition and the feedback session, it was lovely to see them allowing each other to speak, further demonstrating their excellent team work. On top of this they presented us with systematic workings out which demonstrated the logical and practical thinking needed in this challenge. Moving into the Regional Final, we would like to see the girls improve on their time management skills, always making sure they have one eye on the clock.”

LPGS student Claire said: “I think the afternoon was a great challenge and really fun. We worked together really well as a team and enjoyed ourselves. Some of the problems were quite challenging, but we all helped each other and tried our best to get them all done. We were a bit short of time but made up for it at the end. It was really entertaining and I had so much fun...although my favourite part was the biscuits! It was a really good experience and I can't wait to see how we do in the Regional Finals.”

We will keep you posted on the outcome of the Regional Final!

Languages and the Spanish Exchange with Cisneros Alter in Tenerife

This month we resumed our long standing Spanish Exchange with our partner school, Cisneros Alter in Tenerife. They stayed with us for a week and were so excited to see all of the Christmas festivities going on in England. They spent their days in London sightseeing and came back to spend the evenings with us and our families. They spent one morning in school where we played games and talked about similarities and differences in our culture and traditions. That afternoon we went to see a performance of Aladdin together in London which was amazing! They spent the weekend with us and our families doing activities like going to Winter Wonderland. By the end of the week they didn’t want to leave! We are really excited to go and visit them in Tenerife in March!

“We really bonded as a group and my Spanish has improved loads, especially my accent”

“It got us in the habit of just speaking Spanish, we were even thinking in Spanish and were accidently speaking to everyone in Spanish!”

“It really boosted our confidence in Spanish and helped us to give it a go even if we were unsure”

Visual Arts and The Big Draw

October marked the national campaign for drawing in which the Visual Arts Department looked to explore and celebrate drawing as a tool of expression - various workshops took place within the department such as Ms E Antoniou's experimental drawing techniques - see link below

A-Level Music Recital

The first A-Level recital evening of the academic year took place on Wednesday 21st November and it was a fantastic chance for all A-Level Music students to run-through their chosen programmes. The standard was impressive and parents and other students also enjoyed the chance to come and support those working so hard on their performances. The students are required to perform a 10 minute programme to the best of their ability and I am already very much looking forward to their final recitals that are taking place in March next year.

Miss G Sheppard

Sixth Form English Trip to Award-Winning Tennessee Williams Production
Sixth Form English visit the Young Vic

23 members of the Year 13 Language & Literature A-Level class, together with Year 12 Literature classes, travelled to London on Tuesday 6th November to watch a special screening of ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’. Benedict Andrews’ National Theatre production from 2014, starring Gillian Anderson, was specially screened for LPGS students at the National Theatre Archive.

This intense, powerfully directed production of Williams’ famous drama won Anderson the Evening Standard award for her stunning and devastating performance as Blanche DuBois. We emerged from the screening both enlightened and somewhat exhausted; seeing such a highly acclaimed version of the play will be of great value for further discussion and understanding the text, and in preparation for exam papers.

Mr Green and Miss Stuart

English & Media Centre

Students studying English Literature A-Level in Year 12 thoroughly enjoyed their full day conference at the ‘Friends House’ in Euston on 13th November. The English and Media Centre put together a most inspiring and broad-ranging agenda for anyone interested in the power and future direction of Literature. There was a highly enlightening panel-discussion, and the lectures ranged from an analysis of the rhythm of language in Shakespeare set texts to the emergence of new poetry, via John Donne and Oedipus The King.

The closing lecture was a particularly energetic delivery from Natalie Haynes, the writer and presenter of Radio 4’s ‘Natalie Haynes Stands Up for the Classics’, a fascinating mix of the intellectual and the comedic, honed from her previous experience in stand-up comedy.

Mr Green

Year 9 Make their voices heard

28 vociferous Year 9 students took part in the ‘Speak Up, Speak Out’ workshop in the Library on Monday 19th November. The students received public speaking training from Speakers Trust, and engaged in a range of inspiring and stimulating talk-based games and activities which built up to planning and delivering their own personally crafted public speeches. The girls’ personal choice of topics covered in their speeches was fascinating, ranging from ‘Astronomy’ to ‘Celebrating Cultural Diversity’ via ‘School Uniform’ and ‘Who Inspires Me?’

At the end of the day, five students were selected to take part in a ‘Speak-Off’ to be held in our next Year 9 assembly to discover which two speakers will go forward to represent LPGS in the Borough Regional Final against other Bromley schools.

Good luck girls!

Mr T Green

BTEC Year 13 Travel and Tourism
BTEC Travel and Tourism students visit the World Trade Fair

The BTEC Year 13 Travel and Tourism visited the World Trade Fair at the Excel Centre London this month as guests of the schools partner for the course AC Group, one of the UK's leading tour operators. Students visited a number of exhibits to investigate and collect information for their current area of study, long haul destinations.

Women of the Future Ambassadors' Reception

By Rebecca A, Year 13

On Monday 12th November Ms Sunman arranged for a students to attend the Women of The Future Ambassadors’ Reception in London by Lloyd’s Bank. To start with, we participated in a practical puzzle: building a tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows. Our speaker for the event was Alix Fox, and she shared some personal insight on her own journey before the talks began. We were then lucky enough to listen to a variety of speakers, one whom was our age and who spoke to us about the importance of kindness within the workplace. There was also a Q&A, which allowed us to ask further questions. It was interesting to hear about different women’s experiences; such as those who worked for the bank itself or CEOs. Finally, we had the chance to network, and in order to do this we were given a ‘network bingo’ activity. We had to ask questions and this prompted discussion. It was so valuable to learn about our opportunities as women and to be able to keep in touch with many of them in the future if we have anymore questions. I feel very inspired and grateful to have had this opportunity!

NHS Discovery Day, Bromley

On Tuesday 13th November students from the Sixth Form as well as four students from Year 10 took the bus to Bromley Town Centre accompanied by Joanne Carroll, our Careers Adviser. They attended the NHS Discovery Day that was organised by Bromley Healthcare. Students heard directly from top NHS professionals, talking about their jobs, the qualifications needed to get into this area and what the challenges are, working in the NHS today.

Nursing, Midwifery, Dentistry, Speech and Language Specialists, Physiotherapy, GPs, Dieticians and others were all represented and students had the chance firstly to hear their talks but then could talk to the speakers on a one to one basis, asking questions and getting their contact details for work experience.

“It was a great opportunity” Joanne commented, “to be one of the very few schools represented and today has given the girls a real idea of working in the NHS. We will be working closely with Bromley Healthcare in the future and we are indebted to them for giving so much of their professionals’ time to talk to our young people”.

If you would like to get involved in any of the events for the Careers Academy, if you work for an organisation who could come along to talk to us, or would like to help out on our Careers Day in March, please email Joanne on j.carroll@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk.

Oxbridge here we come!!

Ambitious year 13 students

Our aspiring medics and Oxbridge candidates have been busy preparing for their university interviews. We have 18 students who have applied this year.

Our students applying to medicine have been lucky to have the benefit of being mentored by Mr Jennings who is a surgeon currently retraining as a teacher. Mr Jennings has been running mock interview sessions after school and presenting the students with many challenges which they might face on the ward. Together with Mrs Singh he also conducted one to one intensive interviews for each student and gave each student useful feedback. With his support and expertise the students have made great progress.

In November we hosted Oxbridge applicants from three local schools for an interview practice session with Helen Brooks an Oxford University Admissions Tutor. It was impressive to see the students working together to solve and discuss complex questions.

We also teamed up with the Boys’ School. We interviewed their Oxbridge candidates and they interviewed our candidates. This gave students a more realistic interview: an unfamiliar building and an unfamiliar interviewer. We sent the boys off with detailed feedback. Teachers at both schools were impressed at the calibre of our candidates.

The interviews started in early December and we await the results of the interviews in January. Apart from medicine, we have students applying to study PPE, History, Physics, Geography, Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Some sample Oxbridge interview questions: how would you answer them?

PPE: Enoch Powell said that all political careers end in failure. Is that right?

History: Whose reputation in history would you most like to change?

Physics: Why does a boomerang come back?

Shakespeare's Globe
Year 11 History visit to the Shakespeare's Globe theatre

By Megan F, Stephanie H and Oliver S

We visited the Globe as part of our History GCSE and participated in a very interesting seminar. It was interesting to learn about the structure of the Globe and how it was influenced by the Elizabethan era. We particularly enjoyed seeing the stage and learning where different classes of people would sit.

Year 10 Textiles Visit -Victoria and Albert Museum

On Friday 7th December, the Year 10 Art Textiles GCSE group visited the Victoria and Albert Museum, in London.

The purpose of the visit was to gather primary research for their coursework including photos and drawing studies.

The group were able to look at a range of historic fashion and costume pieces on display from the permanent Fashion collection and explore the Asian section before the lunchbreak. The patterns, shapes and colours from the artefacts on display were a rich source of inspiration.

In the afternoon we looked at the Theatre and Performance rooms where we saw brightly coloured and elaborate costumes worn by celebrities like Elton John and pieces seen in stage performances such as Aladdin.

The group found it very valuable and enjoyed the opportunity to see and study a range of pieces that they can take lots of inspiration for their 2nd project ‘past, present and future’ later in the Spring term.

Adobe Spark

On Monday 12th November 2018, we were fortunate to have Greg Hodgson from Adobe come to the Visual Arts Faculty at Langley Park School for Girls in order to run a training session based on Adobe Spark products.

So what is Adobe Spark?

Click below to find out more!

Art in Action - Friends House Euston London 3rd December 2018

Sixth form students attended the TTP Art in Action: the creative process, at Friends House, Euston, London today 3rd December 2018

Guest speakers included, Grayson Perry, Emma Hart, Simon Roberts and Jock McFadyen.

Year 10 GCSE Fine Artists explore aspects of London for their coursework.

Ms Antoniou took her year 10 GCSE Fine Artists on a coursework research trip to Borough Market and Tate modern. Students were able to gather vital primary source material based on the formal elements to help them with their developing coursework material; see the link below for further detail and images.

Year 8 and Year 9 visit to Inspire Engineering at London Transport Museum

On Monday 5th November, a group of 60 Year 8 and Year 9 students visited London Transport Museum’s Acton Depot for an Inspire Engineering event to mark Tomorrow’s Engineers Week.

Maryam E (8SG) wrote the following: “The TFL trip was an amazing experience and quite fascinating. I enjoyed particularly the eggs-periment and trying out new ideas to help the egg (the passenger) to get to its destination like an engineer. We learned that engineers help solve everyday problems that let us go to school, work or our new adventure! I really hope there are more trips like this in the future for us and more Year 8s and Year 9s to come who are also interested in science and as curious as ever.”

Year 8 & Year 9, Inspire Engineering - London Transport Museum
Year 12 STEM career's evening

On Thursday 22nd November, Year 12 STEM students had the opportunity to ‘speed network’ with people from a range of STEM based careers, during our annual STEM career's evening. This year, the evening was attended by 13 STEM ambassadors in careers such as engineering, biomedical science and accountancy from companies including the Royal Bank of Scotland, Transport for London and Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital.

During the evening, students were able to speak to the STEM ambassadors individually and ask questions about what their job involves and what pathway they followed to get there. They could also find out about what a typical day is like in their role and the qualifications needed to pursue a career in their field.

The feedback from students was extremely positive with all stating that that they have a greater understanding of STEM professions as a result of attending the evening and commenting on how useful it was in informing them of the different pathways that are available to them after A-Levels. One student commented “it was very interesting. I learnt about roles I’d never heard of and am now considering them as a possible career path.” Another said, “It was really interesting to meet people that actually do the job that I want.”

The STEM ambassadors were very impressed with our students, commenting on how well prepared they were for the evening and how engaged and articulate they were during the discussions.

Thank you to all the students, ambassadors and staff who took part or helped with the preparation for the evening and for making it such a great success.

Laura Smith, Whole School STEM Coordinator


Senior Maths Challenge

On the 6th November, A level Maths students entered the Senior Maths Challenge. Congratulations to all those who received an award from UK Maths Trust. In particular the following students who received a Silver Award which places them in the top 30% of all participants nationally. They were Bethan A, Hannah L and Chloe B.

A special congratulations to Xin Yi H who received the Gold award and qualified for the British Mathematical Olympiad. This involved a 3 ½ hour exam which contains six complex and involved mathematical problems for which full written solutions are required. We are still awaiting the results from this.

Senior Team Maths Challenge

On Wednesday 28th November we had a team of four 6th form students compete in this year’s Senior Team Maths Challenge regional finals which took place at Ravens Wood school. (Check out the photo on the school Instagram). The team included Xin Yi H, Ava D, Hannah L and Rebecca G. A huge congratulations for taking part and achieving a high score in the cross number round.

The National Young Mathematicians' Awards

On the Thursday 6th December a Year 8 team entered the second round of the National Young Mathematicians' Awards – the regional final. The team members were Claire S, Anna M, Sopie P and Sophie S. The competition took place at Explore Learning Bromley and we were joined by fellow competitors from; Bullers Wood Boys, St Olave’s Grammar and Newstead Wood. The activity was to work out different stack numbers from folding different number lines. The problem will be published on the Nrich website in the New Year. Only 5 teams in the entire country will progress to the grand finale at the University of Cambridge. The students did a great job with the challenges and presented their findings articulately to the judges. We are still awaiting the results from the competition judges.


Sixth form and the 'Careers Academy' led by Joanne Carroll

“Helpful, useful, informative and ‘top tips’” were some of the words used by the sixth form when commenting on the CV session run by Joanne Carroll from the LPGS Careers Academy this week. 50 of them came along to hear what employers are looking for in a student’s CV and Joanne’s top tip – it is a sales document – sell yourself! Include all your experiences, school, volunteering, work experience, any employment at all and most importantly, no spelling or grammar mistakes!

Every other Tuesday, Joanne is organising presentations for any sixth former who would like to come along during tutor period. So far they have heard about Apprenticeships and CV writing, but in the pipeline are other speakers talking about accountancy, nursing. Law, recruitment and other occupations.

Sixth formers should look out for the morning session titles on the noticeboards and if you are an employer or have experiences in the workplace you think our sixth form would like to hear about, please contact Joanne on j.carroll@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk and volunteer to come and tell us about them.

Bromley Dance Showcase

LPGS dancers took to the stage to perform in the very first Bromley Dance Showcase; a show which brought schools from the Bromley borough together under one roof to celebrate their love of dance. Leading Edge and Look See, two dance companies from LPGS, came together to learn and perform a high quality contemporary dance performance. It took hard work and dedication for over a month, each week coming together on a Tuesday afterschool to rehearse for two hours. After the performance, everyone was proud of all the effort that went into this dance. It felt amazing to show the other schools what the LPGS dance companies were made of!

Charlotte B - Year 10


Lorca’s ‘Yerma’ at Cervantes Theatre, London

On the 29th of November 2018, our A Level drama class (year 12 and 13) went on a trip to see the performance of Lorca’s ‘Yerma’ at Cervantes Theatre, London. Before the play began, we had the opportunity to do a workshop with director, Jorge de Juan, where he taught us the 6 breathing techniques (anger, fear, happiness, tenderness, eroticism and sadness) that he had incorporated into his adaptation of the play. This enabled us to use breathe to convey different emotions and atmosphere’s which we will later be able to apply in our written drama exam. After watching the amazing performance, we then were able to sit down with Leila Damilola, who played Yerma, and ask her questions about her experience playing the part and how she was able to ‘become’ Yerma. We were also able to ask Jorge questions on his inspiration and experiences as director of the adaptation, which inspired us as drama students for the directing question we will have in our exam. The whole day out was a great experience that inspired us greatly and helped us fully understand the play and actors

By Florence T

Media - inspirational guest speaker Jo McGrath

Jo McGrath has had a long career in television from working as: a news reporter, researcher on chat shows, producer on This Morning to being a Commissioning Editor at channel 4, and starting her own Channel. She came in to Langley Girls to share her experience and advice for any young person interested in working in the media. She talked to the Year 12 and 13 Media students and then to a mixed group of Year 9 & 10 students who had won a place at the session through an application process. With great feedback from the students (and parents), the media department hopes to continue to bring in guests to inspire and inform our young people here at LPGS.

Sports News
Sport Team News
Instagram feeds

A new academic year has brought a new flood of sports events and fixtures. In September we not only welcomed our new Year 7 students into the school teams but also two new members of PE teaching staff, Miss McGovern and Miss Morgan. All quickly found their feet and our sports teams got off to flying starts in netball and hockey. Year 7 A and B netball teams both qualified for Division 1 in the borough leagues following a qualifying tournament. The Year 7 hockey team finished 2nd in their Kent tournament earning a place in the East regional finals in Ipswich in November. Following a long journey the girls played six matches and performed well against some tough opposition from the private school sector. LPGS were the only state school in the competition and were pleased to cheer on fellow Kent school Sevenoaks in the final. Our U14s played some excellent hockey during their Kent tournament visit and managed to secure 4th place following a nerve racking penalty shoot out.

Our netballers have been making good use of the new courts and have consistently finished in the top three in borough tournaments so far this year. With all our A teams in the top borough leagues and a lot of netball left to play this season, we are hoping for a strong season of development and results across the board.

Since September, the LPGS PE students and staff have competed in:

  • 31 netball fixtures across 6 year groups
  • 6 netball tournaments at borough and county level
  • 34 hockey fixtures across 4 year groups
  • 7 hockey tournaments at local, county and regional level
  • Bromley Borough Trampoline competition

With plenty more to come in the New Year!

Sports Awards Evening

One of the biggest events in our department happened in October with our annual Sports Awards evening. Students and parents were invited to the evening following various achievements in PE and sport throughout the previous year and we treated to a motivating speech and photo opportunity with GB Olympic gold medalist Suzanna Townsend. Suzanna showed a video of the Rio Olympics where she was part of the GB hockey team winning gold and went on to talk to the audience about commitment and overcoming disappointment in sport in pursuit of your dreams. She then presented all our winners with their awards, with big prizes going to:

  • Drew G, Contribution to School Sport
  • Elisa P, Junior Outstanding Performer
  • Evie S, Senior Outstanding Performer
  • Year 9 netball, Team of the Year

The evening was a real testament to the commitment and talent our girls give to their sport both in and outside of school. Well Done to all our winners. Any students wishing to purchase the pictures from the awards night should visit the PE office to view the photos and place an order.

As we move into 2019, we will be preparing 81 students for the Easter hockey and netball tour to Holland and would encourage all students to take up the full range of sporting opportunities offered to them at LPGS. It’s never too late to join a club or team. Wishing you all a very happy and restful holiday season.

Miss Bush, Head of PE

We currently hold the Silver Award as a Rights Respecting School and we hope to be awarded the Gold Award in July 2019. It is granted by Unicef UK to schools that have fully embedded children’s rights throughout the school in its policies, practices and ethos.

The steering group meets weekly and here is a list of some of the activities we have been working on this term.

• The RRSA group delivered an assembly on how to achieve the Gold Award. Fighting racism and protecting the environment were key themes of the assembly.

• The RRSA Steering Group is running a clean air and safety campaign in collaboration with the Travel Ambassadors. Students have made posters to encourage

students to walk to school and not be driven up the school lane. The winning posters will be turned into banners, which will be displayed on the lane next year.

• We have an Article of the Month which we discuss in form time, lessons and assemblies. The Article for December is Article 31—Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.

• We raised over £530 for the charity YoungMinds by participating in the HelloYellow campaign. Students wore a yellow accessory to school to raise awareness of mental health issues facing the young.

• We celebrated World Peace Day, World Aids Day and the Headteacher held Remembrance Day assemblies. Students created a beautiful poppy display where they added their messages of peace.

• We raised money for a charity supporting babies born with cleft palates in areas of the world where parents struggle to access health care.

• Miss Galbert and Miss Ceyer are running kindness campaigns during form time.

The steering group and Miss Dehal


The recent 'Mexican themed' Quiz night by the PTA was a great success and raised over £1600 pounds for the school. A fun evening was had by parents and teachers alike. Much chilli, tortillas, beer and Prosecco was consumed and yet again, the Science teacher's table won. Keep an eye out for the next Quiz night so you can enter a winning team!!

Thanks to the PTA and the IT Department

The Visual Arts Department would like to express their huge gratitude and thanks to the PTA for funding our new computer project in T104. We now have 25 new computers set up to run the full Adobe Creative Suit which enables our students to use this industry standard software not only here at LPGS but also at home. We would also like to thank Ragu Rajesh and the IT team for their professional expertise in ensuring our recent transition to the new K12 Adobe package which now means our Visual Arts students have access to all Adobe apps both desk top and mobile. We now have two fully functioning computer rooms T104 and T003 fully equipped to teach creative aspects of Visual Arts and Creative Digital Media. It has taken a while but we can now say that in the Visual Arts Department we are now fully immersed in the digital era of visual technologies and the future really does look very bright for all our young, inspiring creatives!!

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