Argentina has been liberated from Spain! molly echols

How? Lately much of the southern region of America has been under the control of Spanish vice-royalty. Their modern political structure was organized with the most authoritative power filled by people designated by the Spanish monarchy, which was made up mostly of Spanish people from Europe. All of this power ignored the interests the interests and problems of American people. This conflict created a hatred between the criollos which are the native American people and the peninsulares which are the people who arrived from Europe. The criollos believed that the peninsulares had an unfair amount of political power. The criollos gained knowledge to revolt from ideas of the American and French Revolution. Due to Argentina's many flourishing ports that transported metals, cattle, and was the center of trade.

Due to the importance of this port the British tried to invade it and take control of it over the Spanish peninsulares. Instead the British were repelled by the native criollos. After this defeat the military general of Argentina, Jose de San Martin led the country to independence from Spain.

Recent illustration of Jose de San Martin and his military fighting against Spain for independence

Preluding Events: 1)The May revolution occurred when tension arose between the criollos and the peninsulares for control of the increase in trade on the port. Also many revolutionary groups went out to capture King Fernando Vll. 2) The modern day Argentina was part of the Spanish Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata within its capital of Buenos Aires. The natives wanted to revolt against the viceroyalty.

King Fernando Vll of Spain

Questions and thoughts on the future of Argentina: 1) Does San Jose de Martin become leader of Argentina and if so what type of political system will he establish for the country? 2) My prediction is that Martin will establish a monarchy in which he will be the king and much of their income and trade allies will be stemmed from their ports and trade of cattle for leather and precious metals. 3) Due to Argentina's revolt against their political system and their gain of independence it is predicted that many other countries in South America will try to revolt and gain their independence from European countries and revolt against Napoleon's military.

Key individuals:

San Jose de Martin

Martin helped lead revolutions against Spanish rule in Argentina, Chile, and Peru. While is biggest most notorious success was when he led Argentina to their independence from Spain.

Simon Bolivar

Bolivar was known as the liberator of Caracas Venezuela and led revolutions against the Spanish Viceroyalty and fought along side Martin to end control of Spain over South America.

Liberator Simon Bolivar

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