Recreating book covers Georgia Peach

Initial Idea

My initial idea was to research books and find some ideas I would like to recreate on their covers, I went back through books I know and have read so that I knew what to create. I wanted to make the design from a book i know very well so I decided to look into the original book covers of these books as well as some re-imagined ones.

I decided on creating a Book cover for The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips because this book has a lot of different themes like war and the animal theme that comes with every Michael Morpurgo Book.

I searched more directly into War Books and saw a silhouette theme that I liked and I decided that was the route I wanted to try. I also ended up wanting to try and create a Peter Pan design of the same style.

Overall I liked that I've tried a new style and I think some of it worked but the type needed to be thicker to stand out more on the page, because it is all the same kind of stroke it blends into the background. Also I feel I should have spent more time on the Peter Pan cover to make it more interesting.

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