San jose del caBO From the corridor

A piece of heaven on earth.
Surfing anyone?
Maybe not right now, huge waves and the booming sound crashing to the shore...👀
A short stroll on the beach.
You will find serenity and tranquility. Do meditate before you head on to town.
Finding the Old town of San Jose del Cabo
You can Take a cab and ask to be dropped off close to Iglesias del San Jose.

There, you can ExplorE culinary flavors of hidden Gems. Like "Mi Casa".

Live & enjoy your time. Find adventure.

Find the best deals in town. Prepare to bargain But beware. Do your homework.

You will also Discover Hidden gardens,

charmInG boutique hotels,

Art walks,

Street shows,

And immerse yourself with Culture

With One of the most Ancient ones.

This is where old meets the new.

These are the treasures that awaits you.

Live and love.

About the Author :

Doug Barretto is known to his friends and family as "Diggie". With his lifelong experience in Healthcare Economics and Finance, he has embarked on this journey of sharing what he sees through a lense. He hopes to bring stories together that makes us all realize that we are in this world together.

"Every culture is different and unique but we all feel the same beat of the human heart. We all know how to laugh, cry, love and hate. But at the end, I believe love always triumph. For the world was created without darkness."

As Albert Einstein would put it, " All matter has light."

He shares this newly found passion with his wife-Maija, who is of Finnish and Cherokee descent and also a U.S. Army veteran.

Created By
Diggie Barretto


Photography by Diggie. Barretto

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