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What do I wear to my session?

First of all, congrats on taking the leap and booking your boudoir photography session! It's going to be fun, an amazing experience, and super empowering for you. A huge part of the success of your session is bringing proper wardrobe that is not only beautiful, but that flatters your body. Most of my clients are unsure how to dress their bodies in clothes that look best, let alone lingerie! It doesn't have to be as complicated. I am a believer in stripping down. Less is more. Wardrobe is an essential part of your boudoir session...unless you plan on going nude - go you! Actually, we really love doing some artistic nudes and highly recommend you give it a try! I recommend 3-4 outfits for your boudoir session, whether you bring it or you use our fantastic client wardrobe. Here is my cheat sheet for you to shop and know what to bring for your session. Hope it helps you! Feel free to reach out with questions any time so I can help you through this part of the process as well.

It's important that we focus on what you are going to wear, in a way that minimizes the outfits effect on the image so that what you are wearing doesn't take away from YOU! When we focus too much on these stand-out outfits and props, we lose focus on our goal, which is to EMPOWER YOU! With this in mind, I have created the following guide to help you select the best wardrobe for your upcoming boudoir session with me.

We want you: vulnerable, exposed, raw, and extremely beautiful. It may sound intimidating, but it's our job to empower you and provide you with a body positive experience. It's about reconnecting you with you: your femininity, sensuality, your sexuality, and your womanhood.

Wearing the WRONG pieces can actually ruin images, whether its because it doesn't fit, is a bad color, has a pattern that doesn't photograph well, or is simply not the best choice for your body type. Why wear jewelry when you normally don't wear any? Why hide behind a costume or a prop?

We have partnered with Beguile Intimates to offer you more choices at the studio! Items from Beguile Intimates will be available to purchase on the spot and use for your session. Tracey, the owner of Beguile, is also available to hold private lingerie consultations and fittings at our studio. She will take your measurements and discuss your preferences to come up with the best style options for your session. She will even custom order specific pieces just for you! If you are interested in using her services, please contact her via her website: https://www.beguileme.co

Pre Session Consults are important because it gives me an opportunity to see the items you are bringing to your session in advance, so that if we need to make altercations or exchanges there is still time. Skipping the Pre Session Consult and arriving at the studio with less than amazing outfit choices could potentially be disastrous. What you bring to your session dramatically affects the images, so let's make sure we get it right the first time! Please email me to schedule your pre session consult, typically 4-6 weeks prior to your session in case you need to make any changes to what you are bringing!

I have curated a Client Wardrobe that is always growing. I have pieces inclusive for all women including lingerie, robes, tanks, shoes, jewelry, and more. I do not charge a rental fee for using items from the Client Wardrobe, and you are welcome to have your Pre Session Consult at the studio should you wish to look through the Wardrobe and preselect pieces that would work for you so that you don't have to go out and spend lots of money on your own outfits that I might already have. We do not stock bras or panties, so if you wish to do a 2 piece look you will need to bring your own or you can purchase from the Beguile Intimates line at the studio!

The only things I *require* you to bring to your session are (1) NUDE AND (1) BLACK plain seamless thongs or G-strings in like new condition. This is for wearing underneath the client wardrobe pieces.

Some ideas for staple items you might want to bring to your session, but are not required:

Nude and Black heels that are in like new condition. The higher the heel, the better. Stay away from ankle straps as they can make you look shorter.

Black high waisted panties, and a strappy/lacy/sexy black panty, black bralette

Your favorite jewelry, just a few pieces is fine, probably your everyday pieces and a few special or statement pieces to go with your outfits

Fun accessories like fur coats, leather jackets, vests, thigh highs, fishnet tights, or anything clothing related that brings out your personality.

Lingerie Guide

Corsets - They are best for standing poses and I typically like to pair them with a pair of high waisted black panties. Your corset should be sturdy and tight enough to contour your waist. I have them in sizes 32-44 in the client wardrobe. If you wish for a more defined bust in a corset, you can wear with a black bra underneath. Where to buy: Frederick's of Hollywood, Yandy, AdoreMe, Hips&Curves

Corset from Fredericks, Client Wardrobe piece

Bustiers/Merriwidows/Corset Hybrids - They come in so many great colors, cuts, and styles. I have a few in the client wardrobe! They often come with removable straps for thigh highs. Where to buy: Yandy, Adoreme, Frederick's of Hollywood, Victoria's Secret

Lace Bustier, Client Wardrobe piece

Sweaters (black, grey, blush, white) - fitted or big, off the shoulder, sheer, crop, buttons down the front we can undo, you name it. Easy and sexy, especially with a great pair of undies...or not! We don't stock these, but they are easy to find! Where to buy: TJMaxx, Marshalls, Kohls, Target, etc!

Fitted tank tops - a seriously underrated item for a boudie sesh. We can spray it with water, tear it, wear it sheer, or just pull on it. Super sexy! We keep a ton at the studio ready to wear, rip, and tear! Where to buy: Forever21, Old Navy, Joe Fresh, Walmart, Urban Planet

TShirts - effortless and sexy. Tight fitting is definitely best, plain or with a band or sports logo is great! Empowering slogans are fun too. Make sure it's not bulky because we want to show off your bod. Bring one we can cut up too!! Where to buy: Anywhere.


Sheer or Semi Sheer robe (black or white, mid or floor length) - This is a great piece to add if you are dying to go nude but don't want to bare it all. We have a few, but you might already have something in your closet! Just avoid busy patterns and neon colors. Where to buy: Torrid, Target, Walmart, Maurice's, Lularoe, Zoe & Co., Frederick's of Hollywood, Windsor

Short Lace Robe, Lularoe

Panties (black, white, nude) - High waisted is one of my favorite looks, but panties come in all sorts of cuts and styles. I also love cheeky bottoms and thick banded thongs. Pick what makes you feel comfortable and sexy. For the less "girly girl" type, athletic styles or plain cotton like Calvin Klein's are also great choices!

Victoria's Secret Panties - I love the strappy details!

Garter Skirts (high waisted, black is best and most versatile) - I love all things high waisted. If you want to wear thigh highs, garter belts are preferred in my opinion to chemise styles as they are more flattering while posing.

High Waisted Garter Skirt Set from Yandy

Control Slips - These can be found in the shape wear of any department store underwear section (Target, Walmart, Macy's, Sears, JCPenny, Victoria's Secret), but can be INCREDIBLY sexy. I highly recommend buying black. Super high waisted control top shape wear with bare boobies or a beautiful black lace bra and some black heels is a stellar look. I have found a few intricate shape wear pieces at TJMaxx and Marshall's that I have in the client wardrobe.

Lacy Shape Wear, Client Wardrobe Piece

Thigh highs, stockings, textured panty hose, or fishnets - MMMmmmMMM. I love me some tights! They are so fun and SASSY. I love the look of fishnets with no undies and no bra, but that's just me! If you are going to wear them, please make sure they fit properly and are not ripped or pulled anywhere. If you aren't wearing a garter or something with garter straps, make sure you get the thigh highs with the rubber interior so they stay up!

Bra and Panties Set - Simple and sexy! Choose your favorite cup style (or go cupless, oh la la!) and rock it. Demi, strapless, pushup, bralette, you decide. Wear with panties, or not. We can play with the straps, play with the girls, or just lounge around and look HOT. Just make sure it fits right, because I cannot fix lingerie that doesn't fit and doesn't make you feel like a foxy lady.

Bra & Panties

Body suits and Teddys- My absolute favorite, especially in soft but contoured fabric. A Teddy is usually made of lace and is lingerie while a body suit is made of cotton and actually considered clothing. Unique and feminine details, sexy cut outs, and beautiful colors! I love it all. Long sleeve, short sleeve, choker neck, halter top, racerback, see-through, lacy, cotton, whatever! Sexy, fun, flirty. Cover as little or as much as you want to. Get a fun one with color, or simple black or lace. I cannot get enough of these!! Where to buy: Victoria's Secret, Yandy, Frederick's of Hollywood, Torrid, Forever21, Charlotte Russe, Hips N Curves, La Senza, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, BooHoo, Asos, ETC!!!

Body Suit from Victoria's Secret

Sheer Dresses - These are mega sexy and extremely flattering on every body type. Where to buy: Yandy, Hips and Curves, AdoreMe, Forever21, Amazon

Sexy Lace Dress, Hips&Curves, Client Wardrobe piece

Unique Fitted Clothing - One thing I always advocate is that you DO NOT need to strip down to be sexy. The right outfits have the same effect! I cannot stress enough that your comfort is of the utmost importance to me. What do you feel sexy in? Let's start there. Where to buy: Charlotte Russe, Torrid, Express, Maurice's, Boohoo.com, Forever21, Windsor, Lane Bryant

Charlotte Russe

Mix it up! I love mixing lingerie with everyday clothing such as hats, sweaters, leather jackets, blazers, cardigans, sheer shirts, robes, etc to give your outfit a much more natural, less staged look. BODY CHAINS can be super fun and add a creative layer. If you are nervous about being bare, or insecure about certain parts of your body like your arms or your belly, there are creative ways like layering to cover up some things while "showing off" others. Fitted items of your partners like a collared dress shirt or sports jersey work sometimes too! **(Wardrobe hack: bringing your own white collared shirt or sports jersey instead of your partners will make for better pictures because you aren't getting lost in the fabric, but will still give the same sex appeal).

What NOT to wear

Old, wrinkled, stained, tattered items

Loose fitting items such as Baby Dolls, flowy chemises/nighties - Too much fabric adds bulk to your midsection. BLAH!

Neon, Multi Colored, or heavily patterned items

Props - Nope. I shoot for empowerment, and to have you feeling better than you ever have. Images with props or costumes often look cheesy and don't get selected during the ordering process, therefore it wastes time during your session. Keep it simple and about YOU rather than your props, and you will be much happier with your images.

Tanning and Spray Tans - I have stated this in other prep guides you might have already read, but IF YOU SHOW UP WITH A SPRAY TAN YOUR SESSION WILL BE CANCELLED WITH NO REFUND. Your spray tan will not photograph well and it will stain my furniture, carpets, bedding, and clothing. I do not advocate for tanning beds, they can cause for redness and blotchiness of the skin. I prefer you come as you are. I promise you, your skin is going to photograph so beautifully.

Summer Time or Vacation Tan Lines - Editing out tan lines is next to impossible. If you do not want tan lines in your pictures, stay out of the sun for a week or two before your session or schedule your session in the off season. If you are going on vacation, schedule your boudoir session for before you leave. I can send your images out to a magician to edit your tan lines out, but this will be subject to an additional fee.

Some of my favorite places to shop:

















I can't wait to see you at your session!

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