Nikola Tesla By. kaia stevens

  • Date of birth: July 10th, 1856
  • Place of birth: Smiljan, Croatia
  • Date of death: January 7th, 1943
  • Place of death: New York City, New York

Tesla attended the University of Graz in 1875–1878, As well as Gymnasium Karlovac in 1870–1873. His first semester at Graz he did outstanding and was top of his class, although during his second semester he had conflict with one of the professors where he then soon lost his scholarship and gambled away his tuition money. Thus this left him never actually finishing college and earning a degree.

Some of Nikola Tesla's most extraordinary contributions include the development of AC systems as well as a variety of findings in the fields of electromagnetism and wireless radio communications. In addition to those he invented the Tesla coil a power supply for his system of electric lighting. Besides these Tesla also helped in the development of generators and turbine design.

A few things you may not know about Tesla is that he was in fact born during a lightning storm coincidentally and his mother said "he will be a child of light.” Another thing was that Tesla could not stand pearls, he even would not speak to speak to women wearing them and would dismiss anyone who wore them around him.

Photograph of Nikola Tesla and his inventions

Nikola Tesla has shaped the way we live today through his scientific findings and inventions. Most know him from his AC electricity, but there are so many other inventions that we not only use, but also don't realize they would not be here without Tesla. These include the radio we listen to everyday, X-ray machines to examine injuries, electric car starters, and so much more we take for granted everyday.


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