Alexander The Great Nevaeh Farnwalt

In The beginning.

Alexander the great was born around July 356B.C. in Macedonia to Philip ll of Macedonia.


Alexander the great had flaws like the rest of us but he was still truly great. Alexander the great accomplished a lot of things including the fact that he never lost a battle in 15 years of conquest. He took the throne at only 20 years old even though technically he was not suppose to. Most the cities he conquered he named after himself and a few after his horse.

There was a movie made on his life and accomplishments called Alexander

Fact whoever plays Alexander in this movie is beautiful and this is a really good movie.... that we should definitely watch. (not tryin to sound like Liam)

Alexander was maybe not as great as you think. Even though he had a lot of accomplishments, he was very cruel in his way of thumb. He would murder innocent people and was very narcissistic which is not very attractive.....unless your the guy in the movie then i can see why you would be narcissistic.

When he died he left a legacy that people would build upon. The legacy he left grew into something he'd be pretty proud of today if he was still alive.

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