The Harn By: andrea vrionis

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the artist

The medium of an art piece can significantly affect how the piece is seen by the observer. In the picture below I am standing with a painting of a palm tree which immediately got my attention because of my sentimentality for Florida. Its medium is called “Mixed media on canvas”. The painting had a rough exterior with different thicknesses to show unevenness where the bark and the branches of the tree were. This served to make the painting look more realistic. I think because it looked more realistic I was drawn to this particular painting of a palm tree rather than the other slightly different ones. If I had seen this on the internet, I’m not sure that I would have seen the roughness and unevenness in certain areas of the painting. Without that I lose the special sentimentality of seeing a painting with realistic palm trees. The palm trees communicated home to me and the realistic medium of the painting only added to the experience. When I saw the painting, I felt happy and relaxed which is how I feel at home.

Design of the Museum

The room to room setup allows people to flow from culture to culture experiencing the past, present, and future of the world. The idea of the museum as representative of the world is furthered by the main lobby being spherically shaped to introduce the symbol. Then as one walks from room to room they’re transitioned between cultures and time periods with each exhibit highlighting the culture’s differences and unique characteristics. The museum as a whole as suggested by the design celebrates the differences among cultures and mourns the struggles some went through while simultaneously creating a sense of harmony and unity amongst the cultures. The exhibit that spoke to me the most was the modern one mainly because it contained a lot of art that seemed more relevant to me but also because of the atmosphere of the modern exhibit. The walls were white creating a light and open feel. I felt more comfortable in this exhibit than I did in any other.

Art and Core Values

Something that’s always been very important to me and one of my core values is being able to be a mother and have a career when I’m older. It is one of the things that guides me through my life. When I want to give up early on an assignment I think about how I want to be successful and be able to provide for my family one day and then I continue working on the assignment. That is why the painting below struck out at me so much when I saw it. It felt like I was looking at myself in the future and really resonated with me as one of my core values in life. Another one of my core values is also just family in general and being able to make time for them even when you’re busy which this painting exemplifies.

Art and the Good Life

We’ve talked in class about how different people have different versions of the good life. I have a tendency to stress myself out and give myself anxiety due to classes or anything really, so the good life for me is a life where I have little worries and am relaxed and comfortable in a life with those I love. I want to achieve a blissful, appreciative, and happy life with those I love which I think the Buddha from the exhibit really exemplifies. He teaches people to be more loving and appreciative of everything around them. This kind of positive attitude on life is my version of the good life. I’ve always liked the idea of a life in moderation, so artistic works like the Buddha sculpture below and the novel Siddhartha really resonate with me. They affect me in a way that changes my perspective and attitude for the better.

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