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The Guardian, March 2018
Revue Magazine, January 2018
Revue July 2017 DoTERRA Essential Oils in Luxembourg
Femmes Magazine June 2017
KACHEN Luxemburgs Food und Lifestyle Magazin
Inspired Coach January 2017
Together Magazine Brussels November 2016
Together Magazine Brussels December 2016
Lëtzebuerger Journal April 2017
Luxemburger Wort September 2015
Lët'z Go Local Magazine October 2015
D'Land September 2015
Paperjam Winner of the Coup de Coeur Award CYEL 2016
Luxembourg Ambassador of the Women's Entrepreneurship Day 2016
Janette Magazine 2016
Telecran 2016


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Coup de Coeur du Jury, Creative Young Entrepreneur Luxembourg Awards 2016
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Christine Hansen


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